Antique Guns & Tools

Reloading tools - please email for larger images

TL550 28 bore capper/decapper
A 28ga. twin pillar capper/decapper, good overall condition, hard to find caliber. SOLD
TL549 12 bore pinfire recapper
A 12ga. James Dixon 1101 pinfire extractor, well used and tarnished but complete and working. SOLD
TL548 12 Lightwood reloading tool
A green painted upright reloading tool combining filling, ramming, capping, decapping and roll turning. Missing push rod but in good overall condition with case colours to the lever. Marked L&S for Lightwood and Son along with their logo. 130
TL547 14 bore Riviere & Bakers patent RTO
A Riviere & Bakers patent roll turnover tool by James Dixon of Sheffield. Very little paint remaining and well used but a rare pattern tool and the first I've seen in 14 bore. SOLD
TL546 14 bore RTO
A green painted 14ga. roll turnover tool in good overall condition. A very hard to find caliber. 65
TL545 12 bore Thomas Johnson RTO
Missing locking pin and removable decapping part but a scarce tool in good condition. 30
TL544 12 bore RTO
Nickel plated un-named roll turnover tool, plating lifting but a well made tool. 22
TL543 12 bore Hawksley re/decapper
An antique brass 12ga. Hawksley "Despatch Recapper" in very good overall condition 75
TL542 12 bore Greenfield re/decapper
A 12ga. capper/decapper by Greenfield, this is the brass version, missing its spare pin cover but in very good overall condition 120
TL541 12 bore Hawksley re/decapper
A brass 12ga. double barrel capper/decapper in good overall condition by HawksleySOLD
TL540 12 bore re/decapper
A brass 12 bore decapper, well used but complete. 20
TL539 12 bore decapper
A brass 12 bore decapper, well used but complete. 20
TL538 Filler tubes
Two brass filler tubes, one 12ga. centerfire 20, the other 16ga. pinfire and centerfire marked 7044 for Webley.SOLD
TL537 10 bore capping base
A wooden based 10ga. James Dixon capping base, cat. code 1178. A little corrosion but good overall condition. SOLD
TL536 Greener & Lightwood crimper
A bench mounted 12ga. crimping tool for thin brass "perfect" cases. Marked W.W.G for Greener and L&S for Lightwood and Son, Patent 609. Has its internal crimping die. SOLD
TL535 410 RTO
A Birmingham made bench mounted 410 roll turnover tool. SOLD
TL534 12ga pinfire RTO
A brass 12ga. pinfire hand roll turnover tool by W.Bartram. This is more uncommon than the Dixon and Pinfire versions and has a depth stop. Old tight crack to handle, some tarnish but has original lacquer, good overall condition. 165
TL533 16ga RTO
A brass bodied 16ga. roll turnover tool, cash hardened rto head so would have been a more expensive model, no makers name. Missing brass ferule to one handle, good overall condition. 35
TL531 12ga. hand roll turnover
An ebony and nickel silver hand roll turnover tool for pinfire or centrefire paper case cartridges. Good overall condition. 35
TL530 12ga. sizing tool
A blued steel 12ga. sizing tool in good overall condition. SOLD
TL529 Bartram capper/decapper
A brass 12ga. capping and decapping tool marked W.Bartram & Co. with their Nimrod trademark. Good overall condition. SOLD
TL528 410 capper/decapper
An original 410 capper/decapper, unamed but a Horsley design. Okay overall condition, uncommon in this small caliber. SOLD
TL527 Dixon 442 case crimper
An original cartridge case crimper by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield, stamped with their catalogue code 1182 and designed for use with 442 cartridges. Case hardened steel and brass construction. A hard to find tool in an even harder to find calibre, the first I've seen in 442. Very good overall condition. SOLD
TL526 Dixon 455 combination tool
A well made and scarce tool for reloading 455 revolver cartridges. Combining bullet mould, capper/decapper and fixing functions. Made by James Dixon in the late 19th Century, bearing their makers marks and catalogue code of 1184. These were sold by retailers such the Army & Navy Co-operative Society for use by officers when going out to Empire. Well used but in above average condition for this hard to find tool. 675
TL525 28ga. RTO
A 28 bore roll turnover tool by Lightwood. Okay overall condition but large rat nibble to crank knob (needs filling and painting). A very hard tool to find in this calibre. SOLD
TL524 12ga. capper/decapper
A 12 bore capper/decapper, red paint over nickel plating and case hardened lever so a best quality example. No makers name but a Horsley patent Dixon pattern. Just the tool to put with your nickel RTO. Good overall condition. 85
TL523 Cocker reloader
A combination reloading tool by J.C.Cocker, patented in 1884. Some original lacquer to the body, this one was never nickel plated. Good overall condition. SOLD
TL522 Demon reloader
A 12ga. upright reloader marked Demon for Midland Gun Company. All brass construction. Some corrosion to steel parts. SOLD
TL521 Jeffries reloader
A 12ga. short barrel Jeffries reloader, crack to plunger knob. SOLD
TL520 Perfect type case crimper
Three piece brass tool for crimping 16ga. thin wall brass cartridge cases. From the style of numbering probably continetal production. Good overall condition. SOLD
TL519 Capper/Decappers
Various patterns of 12 and 16 bore cartridge capping / decapping bench tools. 20-30 each
TL517 Dixon pinfire recapper
A 12ga. James Dixon & Sons pinfire recapper, catalogue code 1101. Knocks and stains to the brass but complete and in working order. SOLD
TL516 Rifle tool
A Rigby and Bartram pattern capper/decapper combined with a bullet seater. No makers or caliber marks on this particular tool. Pillar takes a 500 case but from the internal cartridge form I would say this is most likely for a 577/500 (500 No.2 BPE) ctg. Needs a new decapping pin. SOLD
TL515 8ga. Dixon RTO
A James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield roll turnover tool for 8 bore paper case cartridges, their catalogue code 1203 also on the lever. Some loss of paint but complete and hard to find. SOLD
TL514 14ga. Hawksley RTO
A Hawksley patent clip roll turnover tool for 14 bore pinfire and centrefire cartridges. Good overall condition and very hard to find in this caliber. SOLD
TL513 12ga. filler tube
A 6" long unnamed filler tube and tamper for 12 bore. Unsusual in size and no cutout for pin so designed for CF only, I would think late 19th century. Well made and good overall condition. SOLD
TL512 12ga. capper/decapper
A James Dixon manufactured Horsley patent capper/decapper for 12 bore cartridges. Original paint and blue to steel of lever, an above average specimen. SOLD
TL511 24ga. case crimper
This is a 24 bore case crimper marked G&J.W Hawksley and 24 bore. For stab crimping the bullet into a brass case. I think this may be a reproduction and am selling it on that basis. It is of a very high quality comparable to that of the original tools, very good overall condition having seen little use. SOLD
TL510 450 capper/decapper
A brass cage type capper/decapper for 450 cartridges, hard to find in this caliber. SOLD
TL509 James Dixon hand RTO
A brass James Dixon hand roll turnover for 12ga. cartridges. Marked with their name and catalogue code 1190 on the lever. SOLD
TL508 Bench mounted rammer
A scarce bench mounted rammer, unmarked but made by James Dixon of Sheffield. You see very few of these, the complete reloaders that included the same function proving to be much more popular. SOLD
TL507 Erskine reloading set
A 10 x 10 12ga. Erskine reloading box with top boards, scraper and four prong rammer. Well used overall condition, box retains its brass makers cartouche to the front. SOLD
TL506 12ga. 1st Model Jeffries
This is the very tall bench mounted reloader of 1859 that was the first in a series of cast iron reloaders from the Jeffries firm. In good overall condition with original cartouche still present. A very hard to find tool. SOLD
TL505 32 crimper
A brass bullet crimper marked 32W (32 Webley, 32 Winchester?) in good overall condition. Smallest caliber I have seen this pattern tool in. SOLD
TL504 10ga. Bartram RTO
Brass Bartram 10ga. bench mounted roll turnover tool in good overall condition. SOLD
TL503 16ga. reloading tools
Lightwood marked bench mounted turnover tool SOLD and a brass un-named capper decapper SOLD. Both tools in good overall condition
TL502 20ga. hand RTO
Small ebony handled hand roll turnover tool for 20 bore paper cases.SOLD
TL501 Webley XLCR combination reloader
Scarce 12 bore Excelsior combination reloading tool for guncase & camp use. It is marked with Webley catalogue code 7045. Combines a capper/decapper, filler tube, rammer and roll turnover. Some lifting and wear to plating, a few light dents but good condition overall. SOLD
TL500 Bartram combination mould
A very rare 19th century brass combination bullet mould by Bartram of Sheffield. Marked W.Bartram along with their Nimrod trade mark. Combines mould, capper/decapper and stab crimper. From the size of the case that can be decapped I would think for a revolver cartridge. Round nosed, hollow based, cannelured bullet cavity mics at approx 0.425". Slight twist to the frame opening up the cavity but a scarce complete tool. 325
TL499 Powder and shot measure
A nickel Hawksley powder measure to 3 1/4 drams with horn handle, and Dixon 1109B shot measure to 1 5/8 oz. SOLD
TL498 12ga decapper
Hawksley SOLD and Dixon 12 bore hand decappers with wood handles, dixon one missing pin cover. Both tarnished. 30 each
TL497 12ga decapper
Brass 12 bore hand decappers, larger one with decapping pin broken, smaller one SOLD
TL496 12ga tampers
Very good condition 12 bore wad tampers. 18 each
TL495 Hawksley 16 bore case trimmer
A best quality nickel silver G&J.W Hawksley 16ga. paper cartridge case trimmer. Has seen some use but an uncommon tool, especially in nickel. SOLD
TL493 8 bore rto
A brass 8ga. bench mounted roll turnover tool, Birmingham made. Has been well used but very hard to find in this large caliber. SOLD
TL492 12 bore pinfire rto
A 12ga hand roll turnover tool. No makers mark but I would think a Birmingham manufacturer such as Ward, Parkes, etc. Good overall condition and an uncommon pattern. SOLD
TL491 10 bore Dixon rto
A 10ga bench mounted roll turnover tool by James Dixon & Sons, catalogue code 1202. Fitted with the slightly more unusual case head pusher to the lever. Good condition overall. SOLD
TL490 28 bore capper/decapper
A 28ga hand capper/decapper in very good condition overall and very hard to find in this caliber. SOLD
TL489 28 bore Hawksley rto
A 28ga bench mounted roll turnover tool. Very poor condition overall but very hard to find in this caliber. SOLD
TL488 Lightwood & Greener crimper
A 12ga bench mounted crimper for thin brass cartridge cases. Nicely stamped with 1882 patent details to the brass. Missing push rod and well used with paint loss but still retains original blue to lever. Hard to find now. SOLD
TL487 Lightwood roll turnover tool
A 12ga lightwood bench mounted rto in very good overall condition. SOLD
TL486 Lightwood Excel turnover tool
This is a 12ga lightwood excel that as been fitted with a wheel for use with a treadle or electric motor, well used. SOLD
TL485 Early IMPROVED Jeffries reloader
This is a 12ga reloader, marked Jeffries Improved, possibly his third tool. Around 1860 in date. Very similar in design to the equally rare Eley Bros. reloader. It has been repainted but in overall good condition. SOLD
An almost impossible to find reloader in four bore, only the second stand up reloader in this gauge I have seen in over 20 years. Good overall condition and I would think a once in a lifetime opportunity for the very advanced gun or tool collector. SOLD
TL483 Early Jeffries reloader
A scarce 12ga. Jeffries reloader conforming to George Jeffries patent of 1860, which was his second tool. Good overall condition and very hard to find. SOLD
TL482 Dixon filler tube
A 12ga. filler tube conforming to Barclays patent, suitable for pinfire and centrefire cartridges. Good overall condition with some original lacquer. Unusually this one is stamped with the Dixon catalogue code; 5447. SOLD
TL481 Hawksley pinfire rto
A 12ga. hand roll turnover tool for pinfire cartridges. Good overall condition with most of its original lacquer, tight crack to handle, corrosion to steel gate. SOLD
TL480 Dixon capping base
A 12ga. spring loaded capping base marked James Dixon & Sons along with catalogue code 2178. Good overall condition with much original lacquer, crack to wooden base which is common with this tool SOLD
TL479 Dixon case trimmer
A 12ga. paper case trimmer marked James Dixon & Sons along with catalogue code 1114. Good working condition. SOLD
TL478 Dixon hand roll turnover
A 12ga. hand roll turnover marked James Dixon & Sons along with catalogue code 1113. Good overall condition SOLD
TL477 Kynoch perfect case crimper
A brass Kynoch hand crimper for thin brass 12ga. cases. Good overall condition, screw off decapping base is a recent replacement. SOLD
TL476 Dougall & Bartram measure
A very good Dougall & Bartram spring loaded measure for cartridge filling. Possibly quite an early one as the measure is named in full rather than just stylised D&B, the cutoff is also marked sawdust powder which is unusual. Adjustable for 42, 46 and 50 grains of powder. Excellent above average condition with much of its original lacquer SOLD
TL475 Riviere & Bakers patent RTO
A scarce 12ga. James Dixon Riviere & Bakers Patent bench mounted roll turnover tool. Good overall condition but sadly repainted in the wrong shade of green. An interesting and uncommon patent tool. SOLD
TL474 Dixon roll turnover tool
A 12ga. James Dixon bench mounted roll turnover tool retaining most of its original paint, catalogue code 1203. SOLD
TL473 Hawksley reloader
A 12ga. Hawksley bench mounted reloader with their patent clip turnover. Horn handles, a rammer rather than a filler tube, has been repainted black. SOLD
TL471 & TL472 Hawksley reloading tools
A good 12ga. Hawksley despatch recapper SOLD and a similar condition all brass Hawksley 12ga. roll turnover tool SOLD
TL470 20 bore filler tube & rammer
An original brass filler tube and rammer for 20 bore paper case cartridges. Good original condition with some lacquer remaining to brass. SOLD
TL469 Thomas Bland punt gun measures
This is a scarce pair of original Thomas Bland fixed measures for a punt gun, they are huge. Both are engraved "T.Bland & Sons London" along with "powder" and "shot". As you would expect the powder measure is larger than the shot. Both have been well used, handles wobbly, a couple tight old cracks to powder measures mouth. Powder measure takes approx 4oz coarse. I don't have any No.1 or BB to estimate the shot but internal dimensions are 1.05" diameter by 4.5" height. Bland are well known for their wildfowling and punt guns with some still in use to this day. Original punt gunning equipment of any kind is rarely encountered, especially a pair of measures, shown next to a 12ga. sized measure for scale. SOLD
TL468 410 roll turnover tool
A 410 bench mounted roll turnover by Lightwood & Son of Birmingham. SOLD
TL467 410 capper/decapper
Pillar type capper/decapper for 410 cartridges, okay overall condition in need of new decapping pin. SOLD
TL466 14ga. capper/extractor
An antique brass 14 bore extractor combined with a capper in excellent condition. Tools and extractors in this calibre are uncommon.SOLD
TL465 A collection of original antique ivory handled and gold washed gun case tools.
Comprising a roll turnover tool, a capping/decapping base, powder measure, shot measure and an engraved chamber brush. This is the only time I have seen tools like this outside of their original cased sets. Due to the ivory handles absolutely UK SHIPPING ONLY ... SOLD
TL464 Cocker combination tool
A J.C.Cocker combination reloading tool in 12 bore, combines filling, capping/decapping and roll turnover head. Marked J.C.Cocker Patent 5535 which was from 1884. Still has its original tamper which is often missing. Good overall condition.SOLD
TL463 Hawksley 12b pinfire recapper
A Hawksley pinfire recapper, good overall condition with some original blue to spring. Somewhat more uncommon than the Dixon made examples. SOLD
TL462 Dixon 12b pinfire recapper
A James Dixon pinfire recapper, catalogue code 1101C in very good overall condition with much original lacquer and blue to spring. SOLD
TL461 Dougall & Bartram powder measure
Dougall & Bartram powder measure, graduations for 42,46 & 50 grains. Lever is corroded and slightly bent, needs new spring. Rare measure for cartridge filling, often missing from rifle cased sets.SOLD
TL460 Dixon 10ga. roll turnover tool
James Dixon roll turnover tool retaining nearly all of its original red paint and lacquer. SOLD
TL459 Dixon 10ga. filler tube.
James Dixon Barclays patent filler for 10 gauge pinfire or centrefire cartridges. Excellent overall condition with most of its original lacquer. Hard to find in this condition and a larger calibre. SOLD
TL458 10 bore Dixon cartridge trimmers
James Dixon catalogue code 1114 paper case trimmers. Both retain their original four point blades. One with most original lacquer remaining SOLD, the other to a dull brass finish SOLD
TL457 Dixon 12 bore Dixon decappers
Spring loaded decappers, James Dixon catalogue code 1175N, one missing its cover 90 the other SOLD
TL456 28 bore roll turnover tool
An unnamed green painted 28 bore roll turnover tool, good working order, hard to find calibre. SOLD

TL455 410 decapper
A brass hand decapper, marked 410 to top. Some scratches and in need of a new decapping pin but a very hard to find tool in this calibre SOLD

TL454 20 bore loading tools
An unnamed 20 bore roll turnover, capper/decapper and wad punch. Good overall condition, slight wobble to central pillar of capper/decapper. SOLD

TL453 Dougall & Bartram nickel silver powder measure
A D&B patent measure, three graduations 3.5, 4 & 4.5 drams. A much more uncommon nickel silver example and as found in cased sets of double rifles. Fully functional, might benefit from a light cleaning. SOLD

TL452 James Dixon 8 bore RTO
An 8ga. roll turn over tool by James Dixon of Sheffield, catalogue code 5119. Very good overall condition with a patch of paint loss to clamp, case colours to levers and lacquer to brass turnover head. Very hard to find at all and especially in this condition. SOLD

TL451 10 bore Hawksley Despatch capper/decapper
A scarce nickel plated Hawksley Despatch capper/decapper for 10ga. cartridges, ideal addition to the case of quality shotgun or double rifle. SOLD

TL450 360 berdan rifle cartridge capper/decapper
A scarce nickel plated capper/decapper for Berdan primers in 360 calibre. You see lots of these in shotgun or European rifle calibres but they are very uncommon in 360. SOLD

TL449 Dixon 577 rifle cartridge creaser
An original James Dixon case creaser for 577 cartridges, found in the case contents of double rifles and howdah pistols. This one is in good overall condition but missing the depth stop rod. Hard to find. SOLD

TL448 Dixon 12 bore case creaser A/F
An original James Dixon case creaser for 12ga. cartridges, found in the case contents of double rifles. This one is in good overall condition with replacement handle but it is missing the depth stop rod AND there appears very tight cracks to the case hardened creaser part. Hence the price. SOLD

TL447 Webley XLCR combination reloader
This is the rare 12 bore Excelsior combination reloading tool for guncase & camp use. It is marked with Webley catalogue code 7045. Combines a capper/decapper, filler tube, rammer and roll turnover. Some lifting and wear to plating but good condition overall and it even retains its push rod which is normally missing. These tools are very rarely encountered. SOLD

TL446 Dixon 3119 RTO
A 12 bore James Dixon & Sons bench mounted roll turnover tool, catalogue number 3119. This tool is in excellent condition with most of its original paint and case hardening to lever. Hard to improve upon this example. SOLD

TL445 10ga. Lightwood turnover tool
A bench mounted Lightwood roll turnover tool in 10 bore. Most of its original paint and in good original condition. SOLD

TL444 8ga. Bartram turnover tool
A bench mounted Bartram & Co. roll turnover tool in 8 bore. Has been repainted recently, mechanincally good condition. Named large bore tools are uncommon. SOLD

TL443 12ga. Jeffries turnover tool
A bench mounted roll turnover tool from Jeffries of Norwich, less common than their larger reloader. SOLD

TL442 12ga. hand roll turnover tools
One rosewood handled, nickel silver collar, marked 12. One ebony handled, nickel silver collar. SOLD

TL441 12ga bench reloader
An unamed bench mounted reloader with roll turnover and powder funnel/wad setter. Good overall condition. 55 MIA!!!

TL440 12ga. capper/decapper
A brass capper/decapper retaining most of its original lacquer and decapping pin. An excellent example of this tool. SOLD

TL439 Rifle cartridge bullet seating tool.
A two part brass tool for the European 9.3x72R cartridge, German manufacture. Good overall condition. SOLD

TL438 Pinfire roll turnover tool.
An early form of Continental pinfire roll turnover tool with wooden bench mounting. Although unmarked similiar example seen marked L.Bachmann Bruxelles. An uncommon pattern. SOLD

TL437 Pinfire hand roll turnover
by Bartram & Harwood. Different from the more common Dixon and Hawksley versions as it has a locking collar to adjust the depth. Good overall condition.SOLD

TL436 Early Eley Brothers 12 bore reloading machine
A bench mounted reloader marked Eley Bros. to crank. Presumbably made to Jeffries patent. Wood is worn and a small piece missing from the main body casting that holds the cartridge in place. A very rare tool and only the third I have even seen. SOLD

TL435 Early Jeffries reloading machine
A bench mounted reloader, marked Jeffries Norwich Registered April 13 1859 No.4164. This is the earliest and largest version they produced. SOLD

TL417 Early Bartram 12 bore reloading machine
A bench mounted reloader, marked Bartram Patent with their jockey cap and whip trademark. Large cracks to wood but with some original paint and lacquer to brass this is in better than average condition for this uncommon tool. SOLD

TL434 Combined roll turnover tool
12ga. bench mounted roll turnover tool combined with capper/decapper to the side. Brass construction. Capper/decapper assembly needs some adjustment. 90

TLX2 HUGE powder / shot measure PUNT GUN
This is a very large adjustable powder or shot measure. It is 2 3/4" tall and 1 5/8" diameter. Four graduations. This equates to approx 19 to 23 drams of black powder, presumbably for a Punt type gun. No markings. Shown next to a normal size measure for scale. SOLD

TL433 Brass decapper 12ga.
Marked 12 with some original lacquer remaining. Very good overall condition. A nice compact tool as found in shotgun cases. SOLD

TL432 12ga. Kynoch type capper.
Marked only 12 for calibre this is a Kynoch pattern capping tool. Normally found marked Kynoch Birmingham. Well used as shown, ideal companion to a Kynoch hand crimper. SOLD

TL431 Hawksley decapper
12ga. spring loaded recapper marked G & J.W.Hawksley. Has been cleaned, original horn knob has a crack as shown, has an empty compartment for spare decapping pins. I rarely come across this pattern. SOLD

TL430 James Dixon & Sons rto tool
Dixon's catalogue code 1190 12ga. hand roll turnover tool. SOLD

TL429 Dixon roll turnover tool featuring Horsley's Patent improvement.
Marked "1192 James Dixon & Sons Sheffield Horsley's Patent 12". The Horsley's patent refers to the "self acting jaw" that grabs the case head. See page 86/87 of Thomas Horsley, Gunmaker of York by David Baker. Tight old crack to handle. This tool is the more expensive version with the case hardened steel turnover head. SOLD

This is an antique 4 bore tool, marked '4' to the body. Tight old crack to original handle. 12ga. and 4ga. cases shown for scale. An extremely rare and substantial item.SOLD
TL428 Hawksley's Despatch recapper
12 Bore, good overall condition with some original lacquer finish to brass parts. 100

TL427 James Dixon roll turnover tool
12 bore, handle marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield along with catalogue code 3119C. Good overall condition with much original paint. SOLD

TL426 16 bore cartridge case trimmer
Brass head with boxwood handle, marked "16". In very good overall condition, French. SOLD

TL425 14 bore Dixon roll turnover tool
Red painted tool, lever marked with Dixon's catalogue code 1201. Very hard to find in 14 bore. SOLD

TL423 8 bore capper/decapper
An original brass 8 bore capping and decapping tool for bench use. Marked "8" on lever arm. Original 8 bore tools like this are scarce. SOLD

TL422 Kynoch type brass case crimper
An original brass case crimper for use with Kynoch "Perfect" type cases. Marked "12". Could do with a clean but fully functional. SOLD

TL421 Multiple wad tamper
An original four cartridge wad tamper as used with Erskine loading boxes. Stamped "12" to the head. SOLD

TL420 Bartram 12 bore roll turnover tool
A green painted bench mounted roll turnover tool, lever marked Bartram & Co. along with their Jockey cap and whip trademark. Some corrosion to lver, much original paint. SOLD

TL419 Bartram 12 bore decapper
Unusual spring loaded handheld decapper, marked W.Bartram & Co. Good overall condition, decapping pin present. SOLD

TL418 12 bore capper/decapper
This tool is similar to the Bartram version but has an all steel lever and brass cut off plate. No makers name. Original lacquer to the brass. SOLD

TL416 James Dixon 12 bore filler tube
with combined capping/recapping lever. Some original lacquer to the brass, small tight old crack to the original boxwood handle. Rare tool. SOLD

TL415 Dixon & Sons 12 bore roll turnover tool
Marked with catalogue code 5119C and James Dixon & Sons Patent 12. Colour hardening to lever and most original paint SOLD
TL414 Ward 12 bore capper/decapper
marked Ward & Sons 12, good overall condition with original paint, lacquer and pin. SOLD
TL413 Pinfire Recapper 12 bore
Excellent condition with original blue to spring and some lacquer to brass, steel pinsetting screw. No makers marks. SOLD
TL412 Dixon Barclays patent filler tube
and wad tamper. Marked "James Dixon & Sons" and "Registered April 2 1873". Suitable for centrefire and pinfire cartridges. SOLD
TL411 Best Quality 28 bore case tools
Nickle plated roll turnover tool, chamber brush, matching pair of powder & shot measures, cleaning rod turks head. Very good overall condition in a hard to find calibre. I have seen a similar set cased with a best quality W&C Scott shotgun. SOLD

TL410 Hawksley 12 bore pinfire recapping tool
Some corrosion to the spring steel arm and grubby overall, full working order. SOLD
TL409 Holland & Holland 450 fixer
for securing the bullet in the mouth of the brass case. From the case of a best quality double rifle by this prestigious firm, very hard to find. Excellent condition. SOLD
TL408 Dixon 10 bore roll turnover tool
Marked 1203 JD&S Patent 10. Colour hardening to lever and most original paint SOLD
TL407 Dixon 1179 decapper
Spring loaded decapper, missing end cap, pin still present. Much harder to find than the fixed version. SOLD
TL406 Pinfire hand roll turnover
by Bartram & Harwood. Different from the more common Dixon and Hawksley versions as it has a locking collar to adjust the depth. SOLD

TL405 Hawksley's Despatch recapper
Good overall condition with some original lacquer and blue to steel part. SOLD
TL404 Dixon & Sons 20 bore roll turnover tool
Steel RTO head rather than brass so a more expensive model. Repainted and missing its pusher but I hard to find Dixon tool in this calibre. SOLD
TL403 450 capping / decapping tool
Some original lacquer to the brass body. From the case of a 450 double rifle, unmarked as to calibre but definitely for a 450 case, as shown in the pictures. SOLD

TL402 Webley capper/decapper
Marked C7032 which is a Webley & Sons catalogue Code. Good overall condition with original paint, lacquer and pin. SOLD

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