Antique Guns & Tools

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A747 Lightwood Game counter
A vintage 20th century brass game counter maker marked Lightwood England, it probably dates from between the wars. Dials for Grouse, Partridge, Hares and Pheasants, all clicks work. Good overall condition. £230
A746 Gunmakers bore gauge
An original 19th Century gunsmith's bore gauge by Ward & Sons of Birmingham. Three legs that go from 4 bore to 90 bore with inches to the reverse. These would have been supplied to gunsmiths throughout the country. Particularly good overall condition for this uncommon tool. £SOLD
A745 Rearsight covers
Two nickel plated brass rear sight covers for Martini Henry rifle. One is hinged marked REID'S PROTECTOR PATENT 15229 the other marked MARTINI along with design registration mark £50 each
A744 3-way powder flask
A three way powder flask, 4.4" OAL and 1.84" wide. Bullet compartment aperture is approx 0.73", but as it is tapered something like sub 18 bore lead balls. Screw cap compartment to base. Working spring. Flask is bright as it has been well cleaned overall, several dents. £200
A743 3-way powder flask
A small three way powder flask, only 3.16" OAL and 1.46" wide. Bullet compartment aperture is approx 0.4" but as it is tapered I would think suitable for sub 100 bore lead balls. Screw cap compartment to base. Working spring. Flask is bright as it has been well cleaned overall, a few small dents. A rare size flask. £260
A742 Turnscrews
Two gun case turnscrews, tips are 0.23" and 0.19" wide. OALs are different but they came together. Good overall condition. £75 for both ON HOLD
A741 Chamber brush
Horn handled nickel silver 12ga. Hawksley chamber brush with cover. Light scratches to handle but good overall condition. £60
A740 Nipple key
Wood handled nipple key with screw in pricker, probably from the case of an English percussion pistol or revolver. 5.4mm between the flats. £65
A739 W.J.Jeffery cleaning rod
Two piece 22 rifle cleaning rod, wood covered shaft, nicely marked jeffery handle. Wood of shaft has split but good overall condition. SOLD
A738 Bore gauge
Reproduction brass bore gauge by the late Ken Steggles. Useful tool. £20 ON HOLD
A737 Printing blocks
Original EC printing blocks, either from cartridges or cartridge advertising small £10 each, large £15
A736 Letter openers
Celluloid Kynoch letter openers / paper knives with the logo to the rear. Good overall condition. £8 Each
A735 Colt Navy flask
A flask suitable for a London Colt Navy revolver by James Dixon with the very rare feature of having a slanted top to make loadng easier. The only one of these I have seen. Well used with small dents overall, no finish. £425
A733 Pistol powder flask
A pistol flask with screw off top. Just under 5" length, 2" width. Body has numerous dents but seams are powder tight. Suitable for a pocket pistol. £65
A732 Kynoch cap tin
A rare brass 250 count brass foil topped cap tin for Kynoch double waterproof percusion caps. 1.5" diameter, 1.75" tall. Empty. SOLD
A731 Shooter's range book
A Guide to the Queen's Sixty. Small book detailing competition rules and shooting practices with adverts. Martini Henry era. Good overall condition. £70
A730 Rifle ventometer
A nice sight ventometer stamped T.Murcott 68 Haymarket SW London Registd 4437 and the owners initials engraved WF. Good overall condition. £70 ON HOLD
A729 Adams Revolver Instructions
A rare double sided instruction leaflet for Adams Revolver Pistols retailed by the London Armoury Company Ltd. Top right bears the original owner's details; A.H.Blackie, 3rd officer, transport ship "Mars" China expedition. Framed. SOLD
A728 Cartridge carrier
A rare late 19th century leather covered tin cartridge carrier / dispenser. This would have been worn at one side on a cross belt when out shooting. I have only seen a couple of these, I would think their survival rate is very low. Wear to the leather but overall good condition for an item of this age. £250
A727 Game carrier
A simple wood and brass game carrier by Hawksley of Sheffield, maker stamped on one brass fitting. £40
A726 Andrews sight tool
An Andrews of Woolwich tool for setting the angle of the rearsight on service caliber arms. Good overall condition. £35 ON HOLD
A725 Carbine case
A very unusual sized English oak case for, I assume, a carbine or takedown gun. You can see the remains of blue lining so a cartridge era case. Lock upper and small area of wood in need of repair. A unique size that might suit a Mauser C96 carbine or Luger carbine. Interior approx 23 1/4" x 7 1/2". Well worth relining to make a unique set. £475
A724 Double pistol case
A very unusual best quality English oak and leather case for a very large pair of pistols. All I can think is either a pair of target pistols or Howdah pistols as I have never seen similar before. Initialled CA to lid, interior is approx 17 3/4" x 9 1/4". £475
A723 Small pistol case
A small pistol or revolver case lined in red, cartridge era, good overall condition. Interior approx 6" x 4.5" £165
A732 Barlow powder flask
An original bag shaped powder flask by Barlow with charger graduations of 3/4, 7/8 and 1 drams. As found in the cases of London Colt Dragoon revolvers. Good overall condition. Approx 7" length. SOLD
A731 Planished tin powder flask
An unusually small planished tin powder flask with suspension ring by Hawksley. Brass top. Planished tin flasks are found in the cases of best quality guns. Some corrosion to the tin body. £185
A730 Hawksley rifle powder flasks
Hawksley powder flasks for use with rifles. Patent charger graduated in drams and grains with locking screw, strong fluted bodies. Both are in good overall condition with working springs. £350 each LARGER ONE SOLD
A729 Hawksley powder flask
An original bag shaped powder flask for percussion revolver or pistol. A few dents but overall good condition £200
A728 Hawksley powder flask
An original pear shaped powder flask by G & J.W Hawksley of Sheffield. Approx 5 3/8" tall, 2 1/2" at widest point, blued spring, small fine fixed spout. One small dint, most original lacquer and overall very good condition. £200
A734 Colt pocket revolver powder flask
An original James Dixon & Sons powder flask for a Colt pocket percussion revolver. Light dents overall, replaced spring, no finish £220
A722 Colt pocket revolver powder flask
An original James Dixon & Sons powder flask for a Colt pocket percussion revolver. Okay overall condition with numerous dents, good spring SOLD
A721 James Dixon powder flask
A small James Dixon flask suitable for an English revolver of smaller size or other percussion pistol. 3/16 to 5/6 Dram. Approx 4 1/2" OAL. Dents and wear, good spring. SOLD
A720 Webley revolver sight protector
Nickel plated sight protectors for Webley 455 revolvers SOLD
A717 Stand Markers
Two sets (1-8) of vintage paper stand markers by Westley Richards, 24 Bennetts Hill address. Some Extras. Rarely found. SOLD
A727 Eley Stand Markers
Full set of tin Eley stand markers. Box is a little tatty but markers are good, a rare set. £260
A716 Allport snail capper
A good nickel silver S.Allport Improved long nose percussion capper. The back engraved J HARE POWEL and PHILADA denoting ownership by either John Hare Powel Sr. (1786-1856) or John Hare Powel Jr. (1837-1890) both individuals with interesting histories. £375
A715 Nipple key
An unusual brass handled nipple key, the brass handle constructed in the style of a wooden handle, very uncommon £150
A714 Powder and Shot measure
A brass lipstick type powder and shot measure with fast thread. Good overall condition. £90
A712 Loading mallet
A large original loading mallet for duelling or officers pistols. Approx 0.5" diameter, just under 10" rod, 11.5" OAL. Slight crack starting in body but nothing serious, a hard to find size SOLD
A711 Pewter oil bottle
A pewter 3 piece oiler from a rifle or shotgun case, unnamed. SOLD
A710 Dixon pinfire extractors
James Dixon steel pinfire extractors, both in 12, one excellent with case hardening the other bare steel £75 and £55 respectively
A709 Dixon pinfire extractors
James Dixon nickel silver pinfire extractors, one in 12 bore the other in 16 £80 each
A708 Lewis pinfire extractor
A rare folding pinfire extractor, retailer marked G.E.Lewis. Others I have seen like this have been marked Elliot's patent. SOLD
A707 Adams bullet mould
An original 54 bore bullet mould marked Robt Adams Regd June 1852 in shield along with the size 54. Casts 2 identical bullets. Good overall condition and increasingly hard to find. SOLD
A706 Dixon powder flask
An original James Dixon & Sons bag shaped powder flask with suspension ring for percussion revolvers and pistols. Graduations of spout are 3/8, 4/8 & 5/8 drams. Very good overall condition, one shallow dent, original blued spring, most original lacquer. As found in Adams and Tranter revolver cases plus many others.SOLD
A705 Deane & Son revolver case
An antique oak case for revolver with original Deane & Son label to the lid. Externally it measures approx 8 1/4" x 13 3/4" x 2 3/4". Partitions have been altered slightly in its working life, I would think this last held a 54 bore frame size Deane-Harding revolver with cartridge conversion.SOLD
A704 Small 3-way powder flask
A 3-way powder flask by Dixon & Sons Sheffield, marked on the trap doors. 3.37" tall including spout, 1.36" wide. Ball comprtment approx 0.47" diameter. Marks overall and dents to one of the shoulders. Pound coin shown for scale. An uncommon flask. SOLD
A702 Rigby match bullets
An original packet of five 19th Century Rigby match rifle bullets. Splitting to the packet ends either side, writing portion excellent. The only packet I've seen outside of cased Rigby rifle. SOLD
A701 Rigby cloth lubricators
Large tin, 3" diameter, approx 2 5/8" tall. Cloth lubricators for Rigby's patent rifles. About half full. SOLD
A700 Rigby rods
Rigby pattern full length cleaning rods for bolt action rifles. Good used condition. SOLD
A699 Rigby officer's pistol case
An original oak pistol case for a full sized revolver, most likely in 455 or 476. Internal dimensions are 12 1/4" x 6 1/4", with the gun being approx 13" muzzle to heel of grip. Trade label to lid, original cleaning rod. Lid escutcheon engraved A.B 14th Hussars. Bowing to lid but other than that excellent condition. SOLD
A697 Small pistol oiler
This is a very small pewter pistol oiler, 1.07" tall, 0.76" diameter at rim. As found in small pistol cases such as for the Sharps derringer. Good overall condition. SOLD
A696 Colt 1911 magazines
A pair of early Colt 1911 magazines with lanyard loops. I assume these are for 45 ACP rather than 455. Contained in a British leather pouch. The magazines are in good condition, the pouch is excellent with no wear to belt loop. This would have been an officer's private purchase item. SOLD
A695 Hawksley revolver flask
A 19th large bag powder flask by Hawksley of Sheffield. Spout has graduations for 1, 7/8 & 3/4 drams. This is similar to flasks found with Colt Navy revolvers but with these graduations might be more suited to an early Dragoon revolver. SOLD
A695 Percussion inline capper
An original 19th century brass capper marked KM for Königliche Marine, no property number. These were included in the holster sets of Colt Navy revolvers used by the Prussian Royal Navy and later the M69, a double action revolver copying the British Adams. Good overall condition. SOLD
A693 Pewter pistol oiler
An empty Hawksley pistol oiler, very good overall condition, 1.49" tall. SOLD
A692 Pewter pistol oiler
An empty Hawksley pistol oiler, very good overall condition, 1.55" tall. SOLD
A691 Pewter oil bottle
An empty pewter oil bottle from the case of a percussion or early breechloading shotgun, rifle or pistol. 1.64" tall. SOLD
A690 Striker pot
An empty bone striker pot for spare strikers, crack to lid, good overall condition £40
A689 Shot measure
An unusual brass fixed measure for 2oz of lead shot. Good overall condition. SOLD
A688X Nipple cleaning tools
A selection of wood handled percussion nipple cleaning tools, these ones are for the outside of the nipple. £40 each
A687 Enfield rifle tool
A very scarce commercially sold Sargeants pattern Enfield percussion rifle tool. Blued and stamped J.Francis. SOLD
A687 Enfield rifle tool
Original Private's pattern Enfield rifle tools in good overall condition. SOLD
A687 Enfield rifle tool
Original Sargeants pattern Enfield rifle tool, missing a couple parts. Broad arrow and inspection stamped. SOLD
A686 Pistol powder flask
An original Hawksley powder flask for a percussion revolver or pistol. 5/16, 1/4 & 3/16 dram settings on the nozzle. Good overall condition with some original lacquer. Approx 4 3/4" OAL. £230
A685 Colt pocket revolver powder flask
An original James Dixon & Sons powder flask for a Colt pocket percussion revolver. Good overall condition with a few light dints to body and one seam, plenty of original lacquer. SOLD
A684 Continental powder measure
A tiny continental powder measure, most likely from the case of a pinfire revolver £65
A683 Hawksley rifle powder flask
This is a scarce Hawksley powder flask for use with a percussion rifle. Patent charger graduated in drams and grains with locking screw, fluted body. It in excellent condition with most of its original lacquer and original spring. This example would be hard to improve upon. Would look fantastic in a cased set. SOLD
A682 Colt cap tin
A 100 count tin, empty, for percussion caps for Colt's patent belt and pocket pistols. A few losses to the label but this is an original one, there are a lot of reproductions out there. SOLD
A681 Adams revolver case
An original antique 120 bore Adams percussion revolver case with most accessories. There is a Bartram powder flask, Adams stamped 120 bore mould, nipple key, cleaning rod (ebony knob missing) and an Eley Brother's cap tin. The lid has a retailers label for J.H.Crane of London. SOLD
A680 Sykes 3 way powder flask
An original antique copper bodied 3-way powder pistol powder flask by Sykes. Spring good, a few small dents and scratches. Approx 4.5" tall including spout. SOLD
A679 3 way powder flask
An original antique 3-way powder pistol powder flask. Unnamed, compartments marked B and C for Ball and Caps. Powder comprtment doesnt want to unscrew but spring and cutoff good. Light dents overall. Approx 4.25" tall including spout. £200
A678 Dixon Stag powder flask
A rare pattern powder flask with embossed stag design. Made by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield, this is the first flask I have seen with this design. Replacement spring and small dents mainly to the reverse. Approx 8.5" tall including spout. SOLD
A677 Cogswell & Harrison bore gauge
An original antique brass shotgun bore gauge, hand engraved throughout, marked Cogswell & Harrison Ltd. London. Comes with four Cogswell & Harrison marked internal diameter reference rings. It is 32.5" overall length. A scarce gunmakers accessory in good overall condition. SOLD
A676 Cogswell & Harrison oil bottle
An original round pewter Cogswell & Harrison oil bottle. Good condition. SOLD
A675 Eley Smokeless Diamond paperweight
A scarce original paperweight advertising Eley Smokeless Diamond cartridges. Copper case marked Eley Gastight case water resisting metal lined. Headstamp is Eley Nobel. SOLD
A674 500 cal rifle extractors
A long 500 cal extractor by James Dixon and a shorter 500 cal extractor with popes patent type wheel by Hawksley, both in nickel silver and good condition. Hard to find accessories for your double rifle case. Top one sold, the other SOLD
A673 Hawksley game counter
A rare original antique 6-dial game counter by G & J W Hawksley of Sheffield. Species are Partridge, Rabbits and Snipe on the brass side, Pheasants, Hares and Woodcocks on the nickel silver side. All dials work and click when advanced. SOLD
A672 James Purdey 360 cartridge extractor
A rare James Purdey & Sons cartridge extractor for the 360 No.5 cartridge, the first I have seen. SOLD
A671 Folding pinfire extractor
A very scarce 16 bore folding Popes Patent pinfire extractor by James Dixon of Sheffield. Good overall condition. SOLD
A670 Pinfire extractors
Two 12 bore brass pinfire extractors. Good overall condition. £65 each
A669 Hawksley extractor
A 12 bore nickel silver Hawksley cartridge extractor with popes patent type wheel. Very good overall condition. SOLD
A668 Striker key
An original straight hex striker cover removal key. Approx 0.26" between flats. Very good overall condition, ideal for a cased gun SOLD
A667 Hawksley chamber brush
An original 12 bore Hawksley horn handled nickel silver chamber brush with brush cover. Very good overall condition, ideal for a cased shotgun. SOLD
A666 Whistle extractor
An original folding 12 bore. cartridge extractor combined with a whistle, nickle plated brass, good overall condition. SOLD
A665 Colt cartridge packet
An original opened American cartridge packet for Navy pistol cartridges. Marked "5 Combustible Envelope Cartridges Made of Hazard's Powder, For Either Colt's or Whitney's Police Pistols 36/100 inch Calibre, Warranted Superior Quality." 4 of the original bullets inside, no powder or tubes. An item for the American revolver or Civil War collector, scarce over here in the UK. SOLD
A664 Cleaning rod
An original antique cleaning rod for a percussion revolver such as an Adams or Tranter. Just under 8.25" overall length, 7.75" excluding knob, 0.39" diameter, knob just under 1" diameter. Good overall condition ready to go into a case. SOLD
A663 Percussion revolver cylinder
An original antique cylinder from a 19th century percussion revolver, probably an Adams revolver. Numbered 32,565 R. Cylinders are approx .450 where the bullet sits. Besides a couple of graunches to the exterior the cylinder is in excellent condition with perfect nipples and most of its original blue, I doubt it has been used. Would make an excellent spare cylinder for a cased set. Sold as a 58(2) item, UK ONLY sale. SOLD
A662 WW Greener oiler
An original WW Greener oil bottle from a shotgun or rifle guncase. Greener's earlier oil bottles are distinctly different from other makers as they are hand engraved. Good overall condition. SOLD
A661 Cap dispenser
A 19th Century round brass percussion cap dispenser, 2" diameter. In good overall condition and working order, retaining its original carrying ring. SOLD
A660 James Dixon powder flask
An upturned spout pattern flask by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. Nickel silver collar and top, suspension loop with original leather carrying strap. Collar has Dixon's false hallmarks. Has dents and the odd scrape through use, spout graduations need freeing. This flask would improve with cleaning but I have left it untouched. Leather is dry and should probably be left for display only. An uncommon pattern flask. SOLD
A659 Small pistol powder flask
A very small powder flask measuring just 3 1/4" including fixed charge spout. Good spring and seams, cutoff works, top unscrews for filling, light marks to body. A rare size flask. SOLD
A658 Pewter pistol oiler
An original pewter pistol sized oiler, 1.54" tall, 0.93" at rim, 0.82" base. The lid's threads are a little shallow but the top stays on fine, has its dipper. Good overall condition. SOLD
A657 Ken Steggles powder/shot measure.
A well made reproduction powder measure from the Late Ken Steggles. Marked KS to the interior. Goes up to 5 drams No.6 black powder and 2 oz of shot. One of the few reproductions that are as well made as the originals.SOLD
A656 Antique gun parts
An interesting collection of antique parts. There are five hammers, one with a removable nose, a trigger plate with two triggers, part of an automatic flintlock primer, a mainspring and a small Akrill of Beverley lock. Lots of different high quality engraving, items in very good overall condition. SOLD
A655 WD powder flask
An original Hawksley bag shaped Adams revolver powder flask. 5 1/4" overall length not including suspension ring. 3/8 1/2 and 5/8 graduations. Replaced spring, light dents and tarnish but overall good. Engraved with WD and broad arrow on one side of the brass collar and No.6 on the other side. These were issued in the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny. A rare piece of British military history SOLD
A654 12ga. pinfire extractor
An original Hawksley pinfire extractor in nickel silver, grubby and in need of a clean but good overall condition. SOLD
A610 12ga. pinfire extractor
A good 12 bore James Dixon pinfire extractor, catalogue code 1134. Some original case colours remaining to the steel. SOLD
A653 Target ball
A rare black painted thin brass target ball, late 19th Century. Filled with charcoal or chalk dust. I think this one is made by Kynoch but the shot pellet dents are on the stamping. These have a very low survival rate. SOLD
A651 Folding cleaning rod
An unusual folding cleaning rod. 0.4" diameter, just under 23" excluding knob. Could be for small bore shotgun, carbine or cane gun. SOLD
A649 Wad cutter
An original steelwad cutter. 0.43" diameter and marked 453, suitable for a cased revovler. £35
A648 Nipple pot
An original turned treen pot for storing spare nipples, 1.29" diameter, 0.88" tall. Marked with a serial number to the base. VGC. SOLD
A647 Pewter oiler
An original three piece pewter oil bottle by James Dixon for a shotgun or rifle. 1.825" tall, 0.8" at base, 1" at rim. Good overall condition with its applicator.SOLD
A646 Pewter oiler
An original three piece pewter oil bottle. 1 7/8" tall, 7/8" at base, 1" at rim. Good overall condition with its applicator. £75 SOLD
A645 Revolver cleaners
Three brass tools combining screwdriver and cleaning rod for revolvers. One marked 455, one 476 and another unmarked. As sold in the late 19th Century by numerous firms including Army & Navy Co-operative Society and as used with Webley revolvers. £90 each
A644 1oz shot charger
A small double ended shot charger for just 1oz shot. Marked W.Bartram which you dont see very often on these chargers. Spring loader caps both work. SOLD
A643 Y shaped tool
An unusual large Y shaped tool for a sporting gun, two types of nipple key and a turnscrew. Approx 6" between tool tips. Overall good condition, turnscrew tip has a little steel delamination. Never seen one of these before. £70
A642 Brass measure
A combined powder/shot measure for up to 3 oz powder and 150 grains powder. Unusual to find one calibrated in grains rather than drams. Good overall condition. £80
A641 Pair measures
A pair of brass powder and shot measures for reloading shotgun cartridges, good overall condition. SOLD
A640 Wad/patch cutters
A selection of wad or patch cutters, various sizes, two marked 52 bore, one 52 bore to a continental pattern, 110 bore with a nick, one unmarked about 200 bore £40 each ... smaller two now sold
A639 Marsh powder flasks
Two Mike Marsh powder flasks, these were made in the 1970s when he was working with the late great Ken Steggles. Production quality is as good as best quality Sheffield flasks from the 19th Century. The shotgun flask has graduations from 2 1/4 to 3 drams. SOLD the other flask is a rifle flask made to a Hawksley pattern. SOLD Both are in good used condition.
A638 Steel oil bottle
An original steel oil bottle, approx 0.7" diameter at base, 1" at rim, 2" tall. This is of the type I associate with best quality rifles including match rifles, either percussion or early breechloader. Good overall condition. SOLD
A637 3 way powder flask
An original 3-way pistol powder flask by Sykes. 4" overall length including spout, ball compartment to about 50 bore. Good overall condition. SOLD
A636 Pewter oil bottle
An original pewter oil bottle, approx 1" diameter by 2" tall for rifle or shotgun. No makers name but probably Dixon made. Good overall condition with dipper. SOLD
A635 14ga. extractor
An original nickel silver Hawksley 14ga. cartridge extractor, very hard to find in this caliber. SOLD
A634 Glass oil bottle
An original glass oil bottle, base is 1.5" square, 2.25" tall. Marked to the pewter top HINTON & SONS TAUNTON. Good overall condition with original dipper. SOLD
A633 Brass scale
An original hand engraved brass scale and indicator from a Dixon Climax reloading machine, the one for powder. Good overall condition. SOLD
A632 Steel oil bottle
An original steel oil bottle from the case of a high quality shotgun or rifle. Some cleaned pitting but good overall condition. SOLD
A631 Mainspring clamp
An original mainspring clamp from the case of a high quality shotgun or rifle. Good overall condition. SOLD
A630 Reilly nipple protector
A rare Reilly's Patent nipple protector for a private purchase Enfield rifle or similiar. Made of brass with a steel insert and a domed leather top with original chain and split ring. SOLD
A629 Mainspring tester
A clamp designed to test a newly made mainspring. After the spring was made it was put in the tester and if didn't break left under tension for a time, then removed and checked for spring back. Adjustable for different sizes of spring. A hard to find item. SOLD
A628 Gunners caliper
An original 19th Century brass gunners caliper by Gilkerson of London. Hand engraved with quantity of powder for filling chambers of brass mortars and howitzers. Proof and service loads for iron and brass guns. Designed to measure the diameter of cannonball and also cannon bore. James Gilkerson was active at 8 Postern Row, Tower Hill from 1809-25. Overall good used condition. SOLD
A627 Eley cap bag
A superb original cap bag for Eley's percussion caps with a Deane, Adams & Deane trade label and over label stating expressly for Deane, Adams & Deane patent revolvers to the reverse. It is full, although caps cannot be sent in the post. Fantastic condition, the best I have see inside or outside of a case, from the same collection as the one below. SOLD
A626 Eley cap bag
An original empty bag for Eley's percussion caps with a Deane, Adams & Deane trade label to the reverse. A few small losses but overall good, extremely hard to find. SOLD
A625 Pistol ramrod
An original ramrod for duelling or target pistol. 11" long, 7/16" loading end, 1/4" at end with covered worm. Very good overall condition. SOLD
A623 Pewter oil bottle
A three piece pewter oil bottle, unmarked but probably Hawksley made, 1 3/4" tall, approx 7/8" at base, 1 1/8" at knurled rim. For a rifle or shotgun case. Good overall condition. SOLD
A622 Pistol oiler
A three piece pewter oil bottle, 1 1/2" tall, approx 1" at base, 1 3/16" at knurled rim. I would think for a cartridge revolver or breechloading pistol case. Good overall condition. SOLD
A621 Pewter oil bottle
A three piece pewter oil bottle, unmarked but probably Dixon made, 2" tall, approx 7/8" at base, 1" at knurled rim. For a rifle or shotgun case. Good overall condition. SOLD
A620 12ga. Bland cartridge extractors
Two 12 bore bronze or brass cartridge extractors, both have a B in a Diamond trademark which is for Thomas Bland. Good overall condition. £40 each TOP ONE SOLD
A619 Two shotgun hammers
A pair of original shotgun hammers, designed for use with retracting firing pins as per Horsleys patent 1138 of 1867. The rears both numbered 2159. They have been chemically cleaned but remain in good condition. £30
A618 Pewter oil bottle
A three piece pewter oil bottle marked Dixon & Sons, 1 7/8" tall, approx 3/4" at base, 15/16" at knurled rim. Good overall condition. SOLD
A617 Cartridge bag
A small 19th century canvas cartridge bag. Just 7" tall, there are no makers marks but it is identical to a James Dixon example I have seen. Would be used for carrying a small amount of cartridges or accoutrement when out hunting. £50
A615 Pistol oiler
A very small pewter oiler from a pistol case, just over 1" tall and approx 3/4" max diameter. Appears unused. SOLD
A614 Percussion shotgun case
An impressive leather lined oak shotgun case with trade label for Thomas Elsworth Mortimer gun # 6035. Obviously for a best quality shotgun with partitions for numerous accessories. Partitions and fittings are loose but complete, I've not fixed them in place in case it needs cleaning or fitting to your gun. Barrel compartment is 30". Email for more pictures. SOLD
A613 Pistol case
A pistol case with original interior, externally it measures 12 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 2". From partitions I would think for a small single shot rimfire target or gallery pistol. One small loss to dustrap but overall very good condition with very nice lid inlay. SOLD
A612 Leather shotgun handguards
Two different leather covered shotgun handguards by Cogswell & Harrison. Wear to both, named ones are uncommonm the brown one SOLD, the black one £35
A611 Churchill flicker book
A R.Churchill flicker book showing the correct way to mount your gun, good overall and working condition. Interesting vintage promotional item. SOLD
A609 James Dixon flask
A bag shaped powder flask with suspension ring for an English percussion revolver or pistol by James Dixon of Sheffield. Nozzle increments are 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 dram. Light dings and wear to the lacquer but overall good, spring complete. SOLD
A608 Three way flask
A good three way pistol powder flask. Approx max ball size would be 0.64", about 18 bore. Approx 4.75" OAL. Good overall condition, the odd light dint, uncleaned and retains original spring. Ideal for a cased set. SOLD
A607 Loading rod
A loading and cleaning rod for a muzzle loading pistol. Max rod diameter is 0.42", OAL 5.75". SOLD
A606 Nipple pot
An original turned boxwood nipple pot with five percussion nipples. Excellent overall condition, from the case of a high quality British revolver such as an Adams or Tranter. 1 1/2" max diameter and 7/8" tall. SOLD
A605 Hawksley chamber brushes
Two 12ga. chamber brushes by G & J.W Hawksley. One brass with a few flea bites to the horn, little wobble to handle, lots of original lacquer. The other more uncommon in nickel silver. Both are in good overall condition with good bristles and their original covers. SOLD
A603 Glass oil bottle
Glass oil bottle from a gun case, 1.5" diameter, approx 2.25" tall. Good overall condition with original dipper stil present. SOLD
A602 Dixon bag flask
This is a large antique 19C James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield bag shaped powder flask with suspension ring. Nozzle graduations for 1, 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 drams, this throw is larger than a Colt Navy revolver would need but it could be used with a Colt Dragoon. The body is in very good condition, it is 7" OAL including spout, excluding ring. Good replacement fire blued spring. Ideal for a cased set, a very hard size flask to find. SOLD
A601 Pistol oiler
A three-piece pewter oiler from a pistol or revolver case. Body is 0.8" diameter, rim 0.95" diameter, 1.52" tall. Marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield to the base. Very good overall condition. SOLD
A600 Kynoch cap tin
An original 250 count percussion cap tin with scarce embossed brass top by Kynoch. Tin has corrosion but Kynoch examples are much harder to find than their Eley counterparts. SOLD
A599 Two way powder flasks
Two similar antique 2-way powder flasks probably for percussion pepperbox revolvers. Both approx 1.5" diameter, 4" overall length. Bottom unscrews to allow access to percussion cap compartment. Good overall condition. LEFT ONE SOLD, RIGHT ONE SOLD
A598 Jeffery telescopic sight
A rare W.J.Jeffery optical sight, single post reticule. I would think this dates to the decades post 1900 as this is the commercial version of the sights that were supplied to the MOD for use by snipers in WW1. Some tarnishing to metalwork but opically good and still retains its end caps. SOLD
A597 Eley percussion cap tin
An original 100 count size empty percussion cap tin with the more uncommon Eley Bros lid label and a side label stating no.8 short for revolvers. Very good overall condition and perfect for a cased set. SOLD
A596 Pistol oiler
A three-piece pewter oiler from a pistol or revolver case. Body is 0.8" diameter, rim 0.95" diameter, 1.52" tall. Marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield to the base. Very good overall condition and hard to find. SOLD
A595 Small barrel key
A steel barrel key for a single round barrelled pistol. The diameter of the pistol at the unlocking lug would be 0.6", key is approx 2.75" in length. Probably suit something like a muff pistol, percussion or flintlock £45 SOLD
A594 Mahogany pistol case
An antique case, probably for a percussion revolver and its accessories. Externally 12.25" x 6.75" x 2.25" and internally approx 11" x 5.5" x 1.5". No partitions but green lining and dust trap remains, lid and key escutcheon missing. A good solid case worthy of restoration, probably suit something like an 80 or 120 bore. SOLD
A593 Dixon powder magazine
A scarce antique tin for 6lb of gunpowder by James Dixon. The top has a smaller spout for filling a powder flask or hopper and can be further unscrewed for refilling. The tin has a lockable cover with hasp, this was to stop gunpowder being pilfered rather than any health and safety concerns. Approx 9.5" tall with lid closed. Good overall condition. SOLD
A592 Dixon powder flask
A good 19th Century powder flask from the Sheffield firm of James Dixon & Sons. A few light dents and scrapes but a lovely colour with lots of original lacquer to the body and brass fittings. Spout is adjustable from 2 1/4 to 3 drams and it has four suspension rings which is slightly more unusual. SOLD
A591 Antique pistol case
An original large 19th Century oak pistol case for a pair of pistols. Internal dimensions are approximately 349mm x 188mm x 44mm deep. Fantastic original trade label for E & W.Bond. No partitions and overall in need of full restoration but well worthy of doing so for a good pair of pistols, email for further pictures. A hard to find box. SOLD
A590 Three way pistol powder flask
An original 19th Century James Dixon 3-way powder flask. Compartments for powder, percussion caps and balls. Small throw, spring is intact, approx 4" overall length. SOLD
A589 Webley longspur percussion cap tin
An original 19th Century Eley cap tin with a label stating they are expressly for Webley pistols. This is the only one of these I have seen outside of a cased set, very scarce and just the item to complete your revolver's accoutrement. Good overall condition and guaranteed original. SOLD
A588 Eley percussion cap tin
An original empty 19th Century Eley cap tin with the desirable pressed brass top. As found in the cases of the very highest quality percussion shotgun, rifles, revolvers and pistols. Good overall condition and guaranteed original. SOLD
A587 Colt Pocket powder flask
An original 19th Century powder flask by James Dixon of Sheffield. Specifically for a London Colt Pocket revolver. Some light dents overall but some original lacquer to body and much original lacquer to top and patent spout, fire blued spring is complete. SOLD
A586 Original Sykes capper
Brass rotary percussion capper by Sykes. This is a very early one without springs to mouth where caps are dispensed. Good overall condition with small tight old crack to mouth. Just the item to fill a hole in a cased set. SOLD
A585 Pistol rod
Small original nickel plated rod for a short barrel percussion pistol or pepperbox. Slight loss to worm. Overall length is 4.25", max diameter 0.34". SOLD
A584 Pistol rod
Original rod for a high quality single barrel pistol such as a target or duelling pistol. Overall length is just under 8.75", max diameter 0.38" SOLD
A583 Revolver cleaning rod.
An unusual bronze cleaning rod for, I think, a transitional revolver. Bullet removal length is much shorter for use with a cylinder rather than through the barrel. Just under 5.75" OAL, max diameter 0.35". First one of these I've had. SOLD
A582 Steggles cappers
Two reproduction brass percussion cap dispensers by the late, great, Ken Steggles. Ken made everything to the same high standard as the Sheffield made originals. Both in good condition, first is a round cap dispenser SOLD, second an in-line dispenser SOLD
A581 Rifle Patches tin
This is an original tin for 100 rifle patches, 1 3/4", most contents remaining. Great item to add to your cased set. SOLD
A579 Turnscrew
A large turnscrew for a rifle or shotgun case, 7 inches long, 0.4" blade tip, nicely turned and fluted handle, nickel plated ferule SOLD
A578 Pistol powder flask
A small powder flask for pistol or revolver, increments on nozzle are 1/2 , 3/8 , 1/4 drams. Very good condition overall and retaining most of its original lacquer, suitable for going in a cased set. SOLD
A577 Pepper box nipple key
An uncommon wood handled nipple key suitable for a pepperbox or transitional revolver. SOLD
A576 52 bore bullet mould
A well made small scissor mould for a hollow based 52 bore bullet, with sprue cutter. Just under 6 inches in length. An unusual mould. £85
A575 60 bore ball mould
An original ball mould combining sprue cutter and rammer. SOLD
A573 12ga Pinfire cartridge extractor
An original nickel silver pinfire cartridge extractor with manufacturers catalogue code B6080. SOLD
A572 T shaped nipple key
An original T shaped nipple key with end caps for storage of spare nipples and a removable pricker. SOLD
A571 Small pewter oiler
An original three-piece pewter oiler, from a rifle or shotgun case, may suit some pistol cases. Un-named but of Dixon or Hawksley quality. It is 1.75" tall, 0.75" diameter at base, 0.875" at knurled rim. SOLD
A570 James Dixon powder flask
Top marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield along with their trumpet trademark. Flask is 9" overall length and adjustable spout goes from 2 to 2 3/4 drams. A couple of dents, plenty of original lacquer, original spring, very good overall condition. SOLD
A569 3 way pistol powder flask
This is a pistol sized powder flask with a bottom compartment for percussion caps and a top compartment for lead balls. It measures 4" overall including the spout. Good uncleaned condition with just a couple minor dents, tiny crack to collar, retains its original spring. SOLD
A568 Purdey type powder & shot measures.
Early measures of the type found in the cases of early Purdey breechloading guns. Top is a scarce nickel silver powder measure that goes from 5 to 6 drams. SOLD Below are brass powder and shot measures that came together SOLDF
A567 Eley anvil tins
Two original small lacquered tins from Eley Bros. for 500 anvils, used in reloading ealy central fire cases. SOLD
A566 Menz Lilliput holster and accessories
This is a very rare collection of items for the Menz Lilliput 4.25mm auto pistol. First is a pair of original grip plates with original fixing screws. A period hand made leather holster. And rarest of all an original magazine. This is an obsolete calibre pistol here in the UK SOLD
A565 Joeseph Lang case and accessories.
A very scarce mahogany case for a Lang perussion walking stick gun. This is for the rarer smaller bore rifle. It contains just the original barrel, correct size nipple key, 170 bore bullet mould and a few sundry other items. SOLD
A564 Harkom pistol case
A high quality antique mahogany case for a pair of percussion pistols. Leather lined with original Joseph Harkom trade label to lid. Externally 9 5/8" x 6 3/8" x 2 3/8". Key escutcheon missing and some marks but good overall condition. Pistols would be just under 6 inches from centre of muzzle to heel of butt. SOLD
A563 Tiny Hawksley powder flask
This is a small original antique powder flask by G&J.W Hawksley of Sheffield. It is just 3.75" long including nozzle. Increments are 5/16, 1/4 and 3/16, adjustment is stiff but it can be changed. Flask is powder tight and retains its original blued spring. An uncommon flask in good condition. SOLD
A562 Sykes powder/shot measure
This is an antique lipstick type shot/powder measure with fast thread. It has been well used, there is a little back lash to the action but these are uncommon. Adjustable up to 4 drams of powder and 2 ounces of shot £145
A516 Sykes percussion capper
A brass bar in line capper marked Sykes, small solder repair, original blued spring. Much more scarce than the round type SOLD
A560 Gunsmiths bore gauge
A thin steel bore gauge, three fingers, goes from 4 bore to 300 bore. Stamped A L presumably the owner. Has been cleaned but still in good usable condition. SOLD
A559 577/450 Powder measure
A fixed powder measure marked for 80 grains black powder, the standard load for 577/450 Martini Henry cartridge, end of the handle is a tamper suitable for 450. Handle a little wobbly but very good overall condition, an uncommon measure. SOLD
A558 450 No.2 musket sizing die
A scarce two piece steel die for sizing brass rifle case, numbered one and three. Marked .450 No.2 MUSKET for the caliber (500/450). SOLD
A557 Cogswell & Harrison cartridge warmer
This is a scarce tin cartridge warmer for approx 100 cartridges. I have only seen these by Curtis & Harvey and Joyce previously, never one retailed by a gunmaker. It has a Cogswell & Harrison brass cartouche to the lid. It is in above average condition, usually this particular Gentleman's shooting accessory is found in very poor order. It is missing its two internal leather straps but these should be easily replaced. External dimension are approx 9"x12"x6" including spout. SOLD
A556 Antique mahogany guncase
This is an antique gun case with recessed brass handle to the lid. It has the remains of the original interior with a few modern additions, exterior of wood is discoloured. Exterior dimensions are 33.75" x 9.25" x 3", interior is 32" x 7.5", a good solid case. SOLD
A555 T.Bland oiler
A gun case oil bottle marked T.Bland & Sons London to the base. Smaller than the normal size for this pattern, it is 1.58" tall, base diameter 1.5", rim 1.71". Very good overall condition. SOLD
A554 Hawksley oiler
A gun case oil bottle marked G&J.W.Hawksley to the lid, 1.58" base, 1.68" rim, 2" tall, excellent overall condition. SOLD
A553 James Dixon oiler
A very late date gun case oil bottle marked James Dixon & Sons, probably 1970s/80s. 1.46" diameter, 2.1" tall. good overall condition. SOLD
A552 Gunfitters stock gauge
A well made, late 20th century gauge for gunfitting. Used to measure the distance from the trigger to the butt of the stock. Knurled brass and steel, traditional pattern wood handle with small crack. Scale goes from 12 to 18 inches. I don't know who made it but they did a nice job. SOLD
A551 Guncase turnscrew
A horn handled turnscrew from the case of a shotgun or rifle. Good overall condition, blade width is 0.26". SOLD
A548 & A549 Scissor ball moulds
Two decent antique steel scissor ball moulds, a 14 bore and a straight leg 17 bore William Davis mold SOLD
A546 Antique oak pistol case
A case for an antique cartridge revolver, nice original green baize interior. Ammo holes are approx 0.49" diameter, I would assume it contained a 455/476 chambered revolver, possibly a 500? Label is for J.E.Barnett & Sons, 134 Minories, London. Exterior 12" x 6 3/4" x 2 5/8", interior is 10 3/4" x 5 1/2". SOLD
A545 James Dixon powder flask
An original powder flask for an English revolver. 5 1/4" overall length. Nozzle graduations for 2/8, 3/8 and 4/8 drams. Working spring and good overall condition. SOLD
A544 James Dixon pistol oiler
An original pewter oiler suitable for a pistol or revolver case, 1 1/2" tall, 3/4" diameter at base, 0.95" rim. Marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield along with their catalogue number 202P. Good overall condition and very hard to find SOLD
A543 Nipple pot
An original treen pot with threaded lid, for holding a spare set of nipples. 1 1/8" tall, 1 1/16" base diameter, 1 1/42 rim. SOLD
A542 Nipple cleaners
Three original wooden handled nipple cleaning tools. Good overall condition with some tarnishing, the very small one probably missing its brass ferule. The bottom two SOLD the remaining small one £55
A541 Pewter pistol oiler
An pewter oiler suitable for a small pistol case, 1 5/16" tall, 3/4" diameter at base, 0.95" rim. Good overall condition. SOLD
A540 James Dixon pewter oiler
An original 3 piece pewter oiler suitable for a shotgun or rifle case, 1 3/4" tall, 3/4" diameter at base, 0.93" rim. Some tarnishing, good working order. SOLD
A539 Dixon powder & shot measures
A matched pair of James Dixon powder and shot measures, catalogue codes 1108 and 1109. Good working order with much original lacquer having seen little use. SOLD
A538 Dixon powder & shot measures
A matched pair of James Dixon powder and shot measures, catalogue codes 1108 and 1109. Good working order. SOLD
A537 Percussion capper
An original antique brass percussion capper by S.Allport for large size caps. Good overall condition with blue to original spring, very clean inside and in full working order. SOLD
A536 Bartram pinfire extractor
An antique brass 12 bore pinfire extractor marked W.Bartram & Co. Good overall condition SOLD
A535x James Dixon extractor
12ga nickel silver extractor with bronze popes patent wheel, catalogue code 1179B, good overall condition. SOLD
A535x Barrel keys
Three barrel keys for percussion pistols, larger one 0.85" round £50, 0.72" vaguely hex £30 and 0.72" round SOLD
A534 Ring measure
Antique nickel plated brass powder and shot measure, often found with cocker patent combination tools. Worn but in working order SOLD
A533 F.Joyce percussion cap tin
Original 500 count percussion cap tin, true F.Joyce ones, not successors to. Plain tin with green lid label. Approx 2 1/4" diameter by 1 3/8" tall. SOLD
A532 Antique barrel gauge
An original antique barrel gauge by Allport, in original wooden storage box, makers name and graduations are hand engraved. Expands from 0.640" to 0.800" so I would think 16 to 10 bore. SOLD
A531 26 bore ball mould
An antique 26 bore scissor ball mold, marked No.26 and WD for William Davis. SOLD
A530 14ga. Bartram pinfire extractor
An antique brass 14 bore pinfire extractor marked W.Bartram & Co. Very good overall condition and the first 14 bore pinfire extractor I've had. SOLD
A529 Match rifle case
A large oak case for a single barrelled percussion match rifle such as those by Gibbs, Rigby, etc. Easily able to hold a 36" barrel with starter/protector attached. Externally 45 3/4" x 9" x 3" and internally 44 1/4" x 7 3/4". Four original half stop hinges, recessed front catches, escutcheon named and dated 1847. Interior removed ready for relining. An extremely hard to find size case. SOLD
A528 Greener / Scott cocking tool
A cocking tool for either a W.C.Scott or possibly Greener double gun. A couple cracks to the handle, 3.5" overall length, a scarce accessory often missing from case sets. SOLD
A527 W.J.Jeffery cleaning rod
Two piece takedown cleaning rod, wood over steel rod. 41.5" overall length, 37.75" excluding handle, diameter of rod 0.275". Chip to wood of handle and some splits to wood of shaft but overall sound and serviceable, very hard to find now. SOLD
A526 577/450 bore viewer
An original bore viewer marked for W.J.Jeffery. Mirror is cloudy around edges but okay overall condition. SOLD
A525 12 bore wad cutter
An original 12 bore wad cutter, has a B in diamond trademark so I assume originally supplied by Thomas Bland. Very good overall condition.SOLD
A524 Hawksley extractors
Hawksley nickel silver extractors with suspension rings in unusual calibres. A 10 bore one SOLD and a tiny one suitable for 360 SOLD
A523 Pinfire cartridge extractors
A nickel silver Dixon pinfire cartridge extractor in excellent condition SOLD and a nickel silver Hawksley pinfire extractor SOLD
A522 Rifle cartridge extractors.
A nickel silver Hawksley 500 cal extractor with popes type wheel, broken back claw SOLD and a nickel silver Hawksley 360 extractor, missing the popes type wheel £90 each
A521 Pistol powder flask
Unnamed, screw off top, 5" including spout. Much original lacquer and original blued spring. 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 dram incrments to the spout. Good solid seams.SOLD
A520 Powder flask with slanted nozzle.
Unnamed, screw off top, 6 3/4" including fixed throw slanted nozzle. Much original lacquer and original blued spring. One side lightly scratched H&H and Hazard Electric No.4 (a brand of powder). A few dints, solid seams.SOLD
A519 Mainspring clamp
An original quality mainspring clamp in good overall condition and working order. SOLD
A518 Mainspring clamp
An original high quality mainspring clamp in excellent condition with original case hardening. Suitable for inclusion in a fine cased set.SOLD
A517 Sykes powder measure
A Sykes powder measure, smaller than is usually encountered, presumably for rifle. Graduations up to two drams, marked sykes. A little backlash to screw action.SOLD
A515 Early DOUBLE double ended shot charger
A double double steel shot charger, quite early with the external back springs. For 1 1/4 oz of shot. A couple of losses to the steel lids, all engraved S by the owner. A very uncommon early shooting accessory. SOLD
A514 Hawksley rifle powder charger.
Scarce pattern powder charger from Hawksley, one end has a spring loaded compartment for powder, the other end holds the patched bullet ready between four fingers tightened with a knurled collar. Could be used in the field when stalking or on the range when target shooting. Best quality nickel silver body. One is 4 drams and the other is for 4 1/2 drams.
A513 Dixon game counter
A scarce nickel silver Maleham's registered counter. The counter is advanced each time the button is pressed. Main body is 1.75" diameter. This example is in very good overall condition and full working order, the back is nicely stamped with Dixon's trumpet trademark. Only the third I have seen in many years of looking. SOLD

A512 Vintage shot display
A Sheldon Bush & Patent Shot Co. of Bristol shot sample case. An unusual item that could have been a salesman's sample or hung from the wall of a gunshop or ironmongers. The shot packets have split and there is wear but I have not seen one of these before. SOLD

A511 Hawksley glass oil bottle
An original square glass oil bottle from a quality guncase. 1.5" square, 2 1/8" tall. Used but in good overall condition.SOLD

A510 Pewter oil bottle.
An original pewter oil bottle from a shotgun or rifle case. No makers marks but looks like a Hawksley. Approx 1.75" tall, 7/8" diam at base, 1 1/8" diam at rim. £60 SOLD

A509 500 cal extractor
A James Dixon 500 calibre extractor in nickel silver, catalogue code 1177B. Longer than usually found at 4.75", shown next to a 500 spent case. Well used and in need of a polish but very scarce. SOLD

A508 Combination extractor.
A nickel plated 12ga. cartridge extractor combined with a turnscrew. This is only the 2nd I have seen, I have been told a similar example is pictured in an Army & Navy catalogue but have been unable to confirm. SOLD

A507 8 bore extractor
An original nickel plated brass cartridge extractor for an 8ga. shotgun or double rifle. Very hard to find and often missing from cased sets. Has been well used but in good overall condition. SOLD

A506 Large bore cleaning rod
A substantial early ebony gun cleaning rod with removable handle. Rod is 32 1/4" from tip to below knob, 33" OAL, just over 30" with knob removed. Rod diameter is 0.6" which is more than most 12ga. so probably for a 10 bore at the least. A bit of wobble in the fittings from wood shrinkage but overall very good condition. A scarce rod, I usually just find the ends for these with the rod missing. SOLD

A505 Webley Longspur revolver combination tool
I believe this tool is specific to Webley 1st model Longspur percussion revolvers. It is only the third I have seen and the first outside of a cased set. Combines a turnscrew and a bullet rammer when attached to the revolvers frame. It is in good condition, with a few scratches to rammer portion as you might expect, much original blue. The bullet rammer end is 0.35" diameter and it is 5" oal. Nicely made and extremely rare. SOLD

A504 Early telescopic sight
An antique telescopic rifle sight. Sighted for 50 and 100 yards so presumably intended for a rook rifle. Marked BOZARD & CO. 33 NEW BOND STREET LONDON. Optically very good considering its age, reticule undamaged, padded leather eyepiece. SOLD

A503 James Dixon pistol oiler
An original pewter oil bottle for inclusion in a percussion pistol or revolver case, 1 7/16" tall. Good overall condition with some tarnishing. SOLD

A502 Lang & Son chamber brush
A 12ga. Lang chamber brush, cover marked Lang & Son New Bond Street London. SOLD

A501 Kynoch wads.
An original box of Kynoch 13ga. wads for breechloading cartridge cases. A bit of damage to one end, good label. £40

A500 Amberite gunpowder tin.
A small empty Amberite smokeless gunpowder tin. 1.75" x 3.5" x 5". Tin is a bit warped but it is an uncommon one. SOLD

A499 Eley & Kynoch ammunition boxes.
A group of original empty ammunition boxes, two early Eley Brothers examples for No.1 bulleted and .250. Two later Kynoch boxes for .303 and .318 rimless. SOLD

A Oilers
A selection of original oil bottles for gun cases listed below.

A498 Cogswell & Harrison gun oiler
A standard size pewter oil bottle for a gun case, approx 2.25" tall. Oil feather bent to one side but good overall condition.SOLD

A497 Hawksley gun oiler.
A standard size pewter oil bottle for a gun case, approx 2.25" tall. Good overall condition. SOLD

A496 Hawksley gun oiler
A 1.75" tall oil bottle for gun or rifle. Might also be suitable for a Howdah case. Good overall condition. SOLD

A495 Hawksley pistol oiler
An original pewter oil bottle for inclusion in a percussion pistol or revolver case, 1.5" tall. Good overall condition. SOLD

A494 Early gun or pistol oiler
This is an uncommon bright cut steel oiler for I would think a percussion gun or pistol. 1.75" tall, 1" square base. I've only seen a very few of these outside of cased sets. SOLD

A493 James Dixon powder flask
An original antique bag shaped powder flask from best quality maker James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. Excellent overall condition with a few very minor dints. Original blued spring with much original lacquer to the brass. 4/8,3/8 and 2/8ths dram graduations to the nozzle. OAL approx 5 3/8". Suitable for the inclusion in a quality cased set such as an Adams or Tranter revolver SOLD

A492 Pistol powder flask
A small original antique pistol powder flask. Excellent overall condition with a few very minor dints. Unmarked but probably made by Dixon. Original blued spring with much original lacquer to the brass. 3 nozzle graduations. OAL approx 4 1/4". Suitable for the inclusion in a quality cased set. SOLD

A491 Oak pistol case
An antique oak pistol case probably for a percussion revolver. Dust trap still in place, original half stop hinges, trade label for Cogswell & Harrison, original key escutcheon and lid escutcheon. Leather handle has been attached in its working life, slight damage to one external corner, wear commensurate with age. Internally approx 12" x 6". A good original box. SOLD

A490 Gunsmith gauges.
A collection of gunsmith gauges in original wooden storage box. A variety of gauges for shotgun. Most marked with dimensions, two are Webley & Scott ones for 12ga. and 20ga. At one time most working gunsmiths would have owned similar boxes to this. SOLD

A489 470 NE gauge
A rare gunsmiths chamber gauge for a 470 Nitro Express rifle. Marked 470 CHAMBER PLUG the gauge is fully machined to the dimensions of a loaded 470 round. The end of the handle is stamped with a crown. An interesting item for the rifle or tool collector. SOLD

A488 Tranter patent rammer
An original Tranter rammer for percussion revolver marked W.TRANTERS PATENT. This is an early 1st pattern rammer with the much more uncommon straight line W.TRANTER'S PATENT stamping as they usually have the oval form one. Excellent condition with traces of colour hardening. A nice item for revolver or tool collector. SOLD

A487 Churchill advertising penknife
A nickel silver handled pocket knife stamped with E.J.Churchill's contact information. Made by Thomas Turner, cutlers to His Majesty. Built in wire cutters. The blades are badly corroded and the corkscrew is missing its tip but this is an unusual piece of advertising for a gunsmith. SOLD

A486 Cogswell and Harrison powder measure
A Hawksley made powder measure overstamped Cogswell and Harrison. Larger than is normally found, 5 graduations from 4 to 5 drams. Slight wobble to handle but good overall. An unusual measure, I would think for a 10 bore shotgun. I've had a few accessories stamped C&G over the years but this is the first measure I've seen. £80 SOLD

A485 8 bore cartridge extractor
A rare 8ga. cartridge extractor combined with a capper. Nickel plated steel. Excellent overall condition and a hard to find calibre. SOLD

A484 Eley stand indicator
A full set of ten 4"x3" tin stand indicators, each one advertising Eley cartridges. Very hard to find a full set, often missing one or two. Cardboard box is tatty with one end missing but it has protected them all well. Cartridge advertising items such as this set are very hard to find. SOLD

A483 380 revolver ammunition tin
An empty tin for 380 ball CF ammunition, Acorn trademark. 5 x 2.7 x 9.8cm. Some damage to the label as shown, an uncommon item for the ammo or antique revolver collector. SOLD

A482 577 extractor
An original 577 cartridge extractor for a double rifle or howdah pistol. Nickel plated brass. A very hard to find calibre extractor. SOLD

A481 Purdey 12ga. extractor
A hard to find original Purdey extractor marked James Purdey & Sons. Often missing from a Purdey shotgun case. SOLD

A480 Nipple cleaner
An unusual bronze head cleaner for percussion nipples to remove fouling after and before use. SOLD

A479 Mainspring clamp
An original mainspring clamp for a shotgun or rifle lock. Width of bow is 3". Very good overall condition retaining some of its case hardening. SOLD

A478 400 cal wad punch
An original wad punch for a 400 cal rifle. Has been used, with some pitting, sharpened read for use. £40 PENDING

A477 4 dram powder measure
An original nickel silver fixed charge powder measure, marked "No6 powder" and "4". This is for 4 drams of Curtis & Harvey No.6 powder, a common load for 10ga. shotgun cartridges. SOLD

A476 Jeffery cleaning rod.
An original W.J.Jeffery rifle cleaning rod, wood over steel core. 35.5" overall length, handle 4" long, rod diam 0.215". Handle end nicely stamped W.J.JEFFERY & Co. RIFLE MAKERS 60 QUEEN ST. LONDON. SOLD

A475 Greener / Scott cocking tool
A cocking tool for I think a W.W.Greener or W.C.Scott double gun. Crack to handle and condition as pictured, a rare gun accessory SOLD

A474 William Davis bore gauge
An original 19th Century gunsmith's barrel bore gauge with scales from 4 to 88 bore. Made by prolific bullet mould maker William Davis of Birmingham, stamped with his WD mark. SOLD

A473 Pinfire extractor
An English nickel silver cartridge extractor for pinfire cartridges. No makers or calibre markings but the wheel is only 0.6" making it suitable for 20 bore paper cases. SOLD

A472 Sight Ventometer
A Parker's Improved Vernier in nickel silver. A very good quality accessory in excellent condition. I have this model in my own shooting kit. SOLD

A471 Ken Steggles powder measure.
A well made reproduction powder measure from the Late Ken Steggles. Marked K.Steggles England to the exterior and it also has his KS mark to the scale. Goes up to 150 grains No.6 black powder and 160 grains of No.2. One of the few reproductions that are as well made as the originals.SOLD

A470 12ga. extractor whistle
A nickle plated brass folding cartridge extractor whistle. SOLD

A469 Leather 16ga. cartridge case
An antique double ended leather cartridge carrying case for 20 16bore cartridges. It is French, the embossed design marked Brevete SGDG. Having seen little use it is excellent overall, main strap may be a later replacement. These are uncommon in this condition, a quality item. SOLD

A468 Eley Kynoch & Kynoch promotional items
A vintage brass lighter in the form of a 16 bore shotgun cartridge and an ivorine letter opener with the Kynoch trademark. SOLD

A467 10ga. Thomas Bland cartridge extractor
Bronze extractor with Bland's B in a Diamond trademark. A hard to find size. SOLD

A466 Powder and Shot Measures.
An assortment of antique powder and shot measures, some brass, some nickel silver, named and unamed, various prices. SOLD

A465 Fraser falling block rifle case.
Best quality brass cornered, oak and leather guncase for Fraser's classic takedown falling block 303 single shot rifle. Original green leather trade label to centre and both Velox labels. Barrel compartment is 27.5", scope compartment approx 15.5". Good overall condition with original oil bottle and key. A very hard to find case. Further images available on request. SOLD
A464 Hawksley oil bottle
An approx 1.5" x 1.5" square base glass guncase oil bottle Lid stamped G&J.W.hawksley, has its original feather oil applicator. SOLD

A463 Hawksley turnscrew
A horn handled G&J.W.hawksley turnscrew, good overall condition.SOLD

A462 Nickel silver Sykes double ended shot charger
Marked SYKES PATENT and 1 1/4 OZ. Usually found in brass these are very uncommon in nickel silver which would have been the best quality option. From the case of a very nice percussion shotgun.SOLD

A461 M.Marsh rifle powder flask
A hard to find pattern flask with rifle charger. Marsh made flasks in conjunction with Ken Steggles for a few years in the late 1970s. These are a much better reproduction than the Parker Hale version, made to the same standard as the 19th Century originals. A couple small dents to the body but a good working example.SOLD

A460 Halls Gunpowder display card
An original antique trade card that would have hung in an ironmongers or gunshop to advertise Halls gunpowder. 10" x 7.5" thick card. SOLD
A459 G & J.W Hawksley game counter.
One side is nickel silver, the other is brass. The four dials are for Pheasants, Hares, Partridges and Rabbits. In good overall condition as shown and all clicks work. This is an antique 19th century game counter, not one of the modern reproductions that have been coming out of India recently. A wealthy gentleman's accessory from the heyday of British gunmaking and shooting.SOLD

A458 Hawksley glass oil bottle
Top marked Hawksley, internal oil feather still present. As found in the cases of quality shotguns and rifles. 1.5" diameter, 2.125" Tall.SOLD

A457 J.Woodward & Sons gun oil
Pair of original J.Woodward & Sons oil cans as found in cased sets. Good overall condition as shown.SOLD

A456 Gregory Ventometer
A quality nickel silver tool for adjusting ladder rearsights. Marked W.GREGORY & Co. 51 STRAND LONDON. Good working order.SOLD

A455 Thomas Bland cartridge extractor
An antique brass 12ga. cartridge extractor marked with Thomas Bland's B in a diamond trademark. SOLD

A454 Hawksley cartridge extractor
A nickel plated pincer type cartridge extractor that can be used for 12,14,16,20ga etc. Very unusually this is marked G & J.W.Hawklsey, usually they are unmarked. SOLD

A453 Antique oak revolver case
An original oak pistol case with vacant brass escutcheon to lid. This case is suitable for a Webley type cartridge revolver, late 1800s, early 1900s. External dimensions are 31.9 x 17.8 x 5.8cm, internal dimensions are 28.3 x 14.2cm. Blue lining and most partitions need replacing, lock damaged. SOLD

A452 Antique oak pistol case
An original oak pistol case with vacant brass escutcheon to lid. This case is suitable for an English percussion revolver such as a Tranter or Adams, mid 19th Century. External dimensions are 33.1 x 19 x 6.5cm, internal dimensions are 30 x 16.2cm. Green lining and partitions need replacing. SOLD

A451 Holland & Holland telescopic rifle sight
This is Holland & Holland's special adjustable telescope. Marked "Holland & Holland 98 New Bond St. London Patent". In good overall cosmetic condition, light dent to one end cap, but missing crosshairs. Well worthy of restoration, this is the first one of these I have seen. SOLD

A450 Daniel Fraser telescopic rifle sight
Marked "DanL Fraser & Co. Gun & Rifle Makers Edinburgh" and "Sole Patentees and Manufacturers". It is in need of repair as no image is viewable through it. Comes with original bottom half of leather carrying case. SOLD

A449 Striker pot
An original bone pot with screw top for holding spare strikers. Included in the case contents of quality shotguns and rifles. SOLD

A448 Hawksley 450 rifle cartridge extractor
Nickel silver and often missing from the case of a double rifle. SOLD

A447 Pistol cleaning rod
A small cleaning rod for a pocket pistol or small frame revolver. Diameter of rod is 0.37", 5.5" overall including knob. Some scratches to lower portion. Ideal to complete a cased set. SOLD

A446 James Dixon & Sons percussion cap dispenser
Nickel silver and most unusually it has Dixon's JD&S false hallmarks. I've only seen this one capper marked like this, more often seen on their powder flasks and shot pouches. Also marked M for medium sized caps. Good overall condition. SOLD

A445 Dixon patent extractor
One of the hardest Dixon extractors to find. Catalogue code 2174A and complete with Dixon's false hallmarks JD&S along with their trumpet logo. Good overall condition. SOLD

A444 Eley percussion cap tin
An original 250 count tin for Eley's superior sporting percussion caps. Worn and empty but a useful case filler.SOLD

A443 Rogers & Spencer revolver tool
An original tool that came with the American Rogers & Spencer percussion revolver. Good overall condition with traces of original blue. SOLD

A442 Powder and Shot measure
Brass combined measure; 6 drams powder, 2.5 oz shot. Approx 3.5" OAL. An ideal case accompaniment for your percussion shotgun. SOLD

A441 LAC Kerr rook rifle guncase
This is a canvas and leather case for a rook or takedown rifle. Externally the case is 31.5 x 6.25 x 3.25". Barrel compartment is 27.75" in length. It has some moth damage to the red baize as shown but is overall good. It has its original fantastic gold blocked leather London Armoury James Kerr & Co. label with Winchester Repeater reference to the lid. Straps are present but cracking a bit, no key. SOLD

A440 Kynoch Percussion caps
A 500 count cap tin for percussion caps for central fire breech loading cases. Nick to label, light denting, a nice item to display with your tools. Empty. SOLD

A438 Original pewter oil bottles
Two unnamed three piece oil bottles for shotgun or rifle cases. 1.75" and 2" tall, body diameter of both is 0.75". The shorter one is just about suitable for a pistol case. Shorter one sold the taller SOLD

A437 Eley chamber gauges
A pair of original gunsmiths 12 bore chamber gauges; too large and correct breech. Marked 12C.F.B, presumbably for centrefire, BP proof. Lettering has some chalk dust in for easy reading. SOLD

A436 Eley Bros chamber gauges
A pair of original gunsmiths 12 bore chamber gauges. one double ended and marked for bottom and top of chamber, and Eley Bros. The other marked just Eley Bros London, possibly some form of early snap cap? SOLD

A435 Bartram & Co cartridge extractor
Best quality 12ga. nickel silver extractor SOLD
A434 Lignum vitae pot & 5 nipples
Screw thread top, five original nipples for an English revolver. Base is 7/8" and top is 1". A nice item to complete your revolver case. SOLD

A433 Cartridge wad tampers
A 450 ebony wad tamper SOLD and a 32 bore boxwood wad tamper SOLD
A431 500 cal cartridge extractor
Brass, marked 500 and base faintly stamped RODDA CALCUTTA. A hard to find antique extractor from the days of dangerous game hunting and the Raj SOLD
A430 Large 1.5" patch cutter
Marked INCH 1/2, finely made and in very good condition. SOLD
A429 Ventometer
A quality nickel silver tool for adjusting ladder rearsights. SOLD
A428 Dixon & Sons Popes Patent cartridge extractors
scarce extractors with the bronze Popes Patent wheel to their ends. A 12 bore one in need of a clean and a 10 bore example in excellent condition BOTH SOLD
A427 English revolver wad cutter
Marked "BEST 56" for a 56 bore revolver, nearly identical to a 54 bore in size. Often missing from cased percussion revolver sets. Very good condition. SOLD