Antique Guns & Tools


Pinfire shotgun

Obsolete calibre rifles in 360, 450, 500 and 577 BPE by Alex Henry and other makers. English percussion revolvers, pistols, shotguns and rifles. Quality pinfire shotguns and rifles. Rigby pistols.

Alex Henry flask

Percussion cap dispensers (cappers), nipple primers, powder flasks, shot pouches, ball moulds, pistol boxes, nipple and barrel keys, oak & mahogany gun cases, double ended shot chargers, percussion cap tins. Reproduction accessories made by Ken Steggles and flasks by M.Marsh.

curtis & harvey advertising penknife

Cartridge extractors including those combined with knives and whistles, bench mounted and hand turnover tools, capper/decappers, oil bottles, bullet moulds for rifle and revolver, game counters (Norfolk liars), gun catalogues, case creasers, primers, shotgun cases, cartridge case trimmers, gunsmith trade labels, powder measures, paradox rifle tools, cartridge advertising memorabilia, target rifle sights, gunpowder tins, empty ammunition boxes. Any unusual reloading and cartridge making items. Quality percussion and flintlock locks.

holtzapffel kukri

Quality Antique or Custom made knives. I am especially interested in obtaining knives by the London firm of Holtzapffel & Co. These include their kukri (khukuri) patterns, Hans Busk rifleman's knife and bowies, along with any associated literature and general tools bearing their name.

holtzapffel rifleman knife

I am also looking for David Boye knives with etched blades, older Alan Wood and Howard Hitchmough handmade knives. Fairbairn Sykes knives. SOE items.

cased webley senior air pistol

Webley & Scott air pistol boxes, canvas carrying cases, original labels, oil cans, pellet tins and boxes, targer holders, literature. Older pellet tins by Lanes, Banks, Eley inc. Black Boy, Witton match etc. Greener air rifle. Westley Richards Highest Possible air pistol. Original bell targets.

greener air rifle

Prideaux, Watson and Whiting revolver speedloaders and associated literature. Wood, leather and canvas cases for pistols or revolvers.

Original Bartram, Hawksley, Sykes or James Dixon gun implement trade catalogues.

ELEY solid drawn brass 577-450 cases, KYNOCH 410 perfect brass cases and boxes, 14ga. CF paper cases.

Vintage sights by Parker Hale, Antique sights by George Gibbs and other quality makers.

The above items were made and retailed by many companies including James Dixon and Sons, G & J W Hawksley, Bartram & Co., Lightwood & Son, Greenfield, Sykes, Joyce, W.W.Greener, Holland and Holland, Purdey & Sons, Lancaster, Kynoch, etc.

If you have any of the above items available, please contact me.