Antique Guns & Tools

Bullet moulds

MD050 12ga. Paradox bullet mould
A rare original 12 bore paradox rifle bullet mould, marked 12. No HP tool, good overall condition, great cavities. £285 ON HOLD
MD049 Greenfield bullet mould
A Greenfield bullet mould for a big game hunting rifle, 0.579" and marked 579 to the side, would cast a paper patched HP bullet. Good overall condition, No HP tool. £210
MD048 Greenfield bullet mould
A very unususal Greenfield bullet mould, from the form of the bullet could be for some form of explosive bullet or experimental round with inset piece. Mics at approx 0.72". Numbered to a rifle. Missing its base tool. Excellent overall condition. £250
MD047 120 bore Tranter mould
An original Tranter's patent 120 bore revolver bullet mould. Has been well used, hard to find SOLD
MD046 12 bore bullet mould
A large steel bullet mould for big game rifle, numbered 7683. 0.72" diameter bullet. No HP tool.##SOLD
MD045 12 bore bullet mould
A steel bullet mould for hunting rifle. numbered 6624. Similar to an Alex Henry mould. 0.71" diameter bullet. No HP tool. £SOLD
MD044 12 bore Rigby bullet mould
A 12 bore steel scissor mould for Rigby rifle No.14961. This is a William Davis Improved pattern, marked WD to one side. SOLD
MD043 Devisme bullet mould
A scarce bullet mould combined with nipple key from the case of a Devisme revolver. Cal approx 10.5mm. Numbered 7225. Very good overall condition. £250
MD042 60 bore bullet mould
An original 60 bore bullet of Adams form. Stamped 60. Casts two identical bullets. Hammer marks to the sides but good overall condition. £220
MD041 Alexander Henry bullet mould
A scarce steel bullet mould for an Alex Henry rifle. No. 5905 for 1885, a 16 bore double rifle. Mould is in very good overall condition with excellent mould cavaties SOLD.
MD040X Bullet moulds
A selection of scissor ball moulds from left to right. 140 bore ball SOLD, 106 bore ball William Davis SOLD, 51 bore ball William Davis SOLD, 30 bore ball William Davis SOLD, 29 bore belted ball, marked HH SOLD, 20 bore ball SOLD, 18 bore ball William Davis improved SOLD, 9 bore ball, marked HH SOLD.
MD039 Tranter bullet mould.
A bullet mould for an 80 bore percussion Tranter revolver. Marked Tranter's Patent to brass and 80 to steel. Cavities are for two identical bullets. Sprue cutter has been refinished, besides that good overall condition. SOLD
MD038 Pritchett bullet mould.
A brass 0.56" hollow base bullet mould. The arms engraved R.T.PRITCHETT and 86 ST. JAMES'S ST. LONDON. The cavitites and the cosmetic condition are extremely good overall, it would be very hard to improve upon. SOLD
MD037 36 bore bullet mould.
A 36 bore scissor type ball mould in good overall condition. SOLD
MD036 54 bore Adams mould.
A 54 bore 1851 Adams revolver bullet mould. Marked Registered 28 Nov 1851 R.Adams. Good overall condition with the usual knocks fom use. SOLD
MD035 8 bore bullet mould.
A very large brass side pour bullet mould made by John Greenfield. Long ogive, hollow base. SOLD
MD033 70 bore mould
An early steel Alexander Henry rifle bullet mould with automatic sprue cutter. Numbered 1489 for a 70 bore rifle sold in 18XX. Very good overall condition. SOLD
A580 577 bullet moulds
These are two 577 moulds one for a bullet and the other for ball. They still retain some of their original gold plating and these would likely have been in the cased set of a gun destined for India, either for a Maharaja or other noble. The exteriors have been well polished over their life. Gold plated moulds are rarely encountered. SOLD
MD031 Callisher & Terry mould
An antique brass 30 bore bullet mould marked FOR TERRY'S PATENT for use with a Callisher & Terry's patent rifle. A very scarce mould, the first I have had. SOLD

MD028 380 bullet mould
An antique brass 380 caliber bullet mould, quite a short cannelured bullet, probably for a revolver round or possibly rook rifle. Good overall condition. SOLD

MD027 300 bullet mould
A brass 300 caliber bullet mould, I would think for a rook rifle. SOLD

MD030 120 bore mould
A brass 120 bore mould for two bullets, suitable for a 19th Century percussion revolver. Good overall condition SOLD

MD029 100 bore mould
A brass 100 bore bullet and ball mould for a 19th Century percussion revolver. SOLD

MD026 450 bullet mould
From the markings on this bullet mould this was mostly likely supplied with a Westley Richards rifle. Markings are 450 for diameter and 480 for the weight of the bullet in grains. Casts non cannelured bullet intended for paper patching. I would think this was originally for a WR rifle such as an Improved Martini chambered for 450 No.2 musket. SOLD

MD025 Brass rifle bullet mould
No maker or calibre markings on this well made mould but it casts a 0.69" max diameter bullet, so approximately 14 bore. The bullet weighs 548 grains with a little of the sprue remaining. Comes with 6 cast bullets. SOLD

MD024 9 bore bore ball mould
An original brass bullet mould marked No.9. Casts a ball approx 0.800" diameter. Possibly for a muzzleloader or 10 bore breechloader using thin wall brass cases. A good quality British mould. SOLD

MD023 577 bullet mould
An original brass 577 bullet mould. Casts a cannelured bullet. As found in big game double rifle cases, no HP tool, very good condition overall SOLD

MD022 303 bullet mould
A small well made British bullet mould, casts a 303 cannelured bullet. Bullet is quite short, smaller than that used in standard service rifle. Very good condition. SOLD

MD021 25 bore William Davis mould
An original brass bullet mould marked WD for William Davis. Casts a hollow base bullet for muzzle loading rifle. SOLD

MD020 12 bore Greenfield mould
An original bronze bullet mould marked J.G for John Greenfield. A large heavy mould at 11.25" long. Bullet form is not quite a paradox but maybe described as a "short conical", I think for a breechloader such as a double rifle. Side pour, has one free floating hollow base plug plus a hole when closed for hollow pointing the bullet, no HP tool included but easy enough to make. An unusual mould in good condition. SOLD

MD019 bullet mould
A bronze bullet with wooden handles, casts a heavy 0.71" diameter HP bullet, no HP tool SOLD

MD018 .450 Calibre rifle mould.
An original steel block mould for 450 rifle, marked 450 on the wood handle. No HP tool but easily replaced. SOLD

MD017 120 bore Adams mould.
This is an original Adams mould for a 120 bore percussion revolver. Unfortunately one of the cavities has been modified, hence the price. A decent case filler until a better one comes along or display with similar condition gun. SOLD

MD016 12ga. Paradox mould.
An original mould for a 12ga. paradox bullet, marked No.12 and the number 14415. Very good overall condition with good cavities. SOLD

MD015 .360 Calibre bullet mould.
Casts a round nosed cannelured bullet. Excellent overall condition. From size of bullet probably for 360 No.5. SOLD

MD014 .360 Calibre bullet mould.
Casts a hollow nosed cannelured bullet. Needs pointing tool. Cavity is dirty but very good and good overall condition. From size of bullet probably for 360 No.5. SOLD

MD013 .500 Calibre bullet mould.
Casts a hollow nosed paper patched bullet. Needs pointing tool. Good overall condition. SOLD

MD012 .450 Calibre bullet mould.
Casts a paper patch bullet. Marked 450 380. Good overall condition. SOLD

MD011 Adams 1851 type 54 bore Bullet mould
Marked Registered 28 Nov 1851. Suitable for casing with an English 54 bore Adams revolver. Good mould cavities. SOLD
MD010 H.Holland bullet mould
No calibre markings but mics up at approx 430 so probably suitible for the 430 centrefire round. Many of the rifles in that calibre were exported to Australia. Stamped H.Holland, very good overall condition. SOLD

MD009 500 calibre Thomas Bland bullet mould
for big game rifle. Marked with Bland's B in a diamond trademark along with 500. Good overall condition. SOLD
MD008 English 38-44 bullet mould
Presumbably casts a bullet for the high velocity version of the 38 special, precursor to the 357 magnum. Dished portion to one side to help push the bullet into the case. An unusual mold. Steel parts rusted but could be restored. SOLD
MD007 500 calibre Greenfield bullet mould
Greenfields "improved" design with original hollow pointing tool. SOLD
MD006 Double 31 calibre ball mould
Very good overall condition. SOLD