Antique Guns & Tools


K240 Alan Wood knife set An early pair of handmade knives by Alan Wood, in original leather sheath, along with a Martini sharpening pen. Larger knife has 6" blade, the smaller one 2.5", nickel silver bolsters. A few marks from storage but excellent overall condition. A nice pair of knives from the original maker of the Woodlore. Includes a zipped storage pouch. SOLD
K239 Antique Watson knife An antique bowie or officers side knife from Watson of London. Chequered horn handles containing folding hook, corkscrew and original scissors. Original leather sheath with spring catch. It is missing a fleam or similiar and has a couple small cracks to pins and a chip. It is a substantial knife, 13.5" OAL with 8.5" clip point blade. Email for further pictures. SOLD
K238 Custom Alan Wood knife An earlier knife from Alan with his A.Wood England etching. 9.5" OAL with a 4.75" blade. Brass bolster, pins and lined lanyard hole, tapered tang, original leather sheath. Has light handling marks but overall the knife looks unused, very good overall condition and a lovely pattern. SOLD
K237 Custom Howard Hitchmough knife 9" OAL with a 4.75" clipped point blade. Nickel silver bolster and pins, tapered tang, black liners, original leather sheath. Has light handling marks, bolster might benefit from a subtle polish but overall the knife looks unused and is in very good overall condition. I would describe Howard as the Loveless of England back when he was specialising in classic fixed blades, he now makes very high end folders. SOLD
K236 Martini Henry sword bayonet Original sword bayonet for Martini-Henry carbine. Good original full length blade, numerous stamps. Leather of grips is worn as is scabbard that has tears, split seams and stitched repairs but at least it has been retained, usually missing. A reasonable example of this rare bayonet. SOLD
K235 Lofty Wiseman survival tool The original survival tool designed by Lofty Wiseman and made by Oakwood Sport and Survival Ltd. Quite a bit different from the current version as it uses different steel, handle material, sheath material and tang type. Circa early 1990s. In excellent probably unused condition in its original box with sheath. No collection of classic British survival knives is complete without one of these, it should be next to a Wilkinson survival knife, Ray Mears Woodlore and Rob Bayley Bear Grylls knife. SOLD
K234 Custom Howard Hitchmough Knife 3.75" blade, 8" overall length, original leather sheath. Blade etched HITCHMOUGH LONDON ENGLAND. British born Howard Hitchmough makes very high quality knives to this day, his London made fixed blades are hard to find. SOLD

K233 Custom Howard Hitchmough Knife 3.25" blade, 7.5" overall length, original decorated leather sheath. Blade has the early marking of just HITCHMOUGH, all of Howard's England made knives are scarce but the very early ones are particularly uncommon. SOLD

K232 Custom Howard Hitchmough Knife 2.75" blade, 6.5" overall length, original decorated leather sheath. Blade has the early marking of just HITCHMOUGH, all of Howard's England made knives are scarce but the very early ones are particularly uncommon. SOLD

K231 Holtzapffel of London KukriThis is a very rare English made kukri knife from the firm of Holtzapffel & Co London. Holtzapffel are well known for their lathes and woodworking tools but they also made high quality accessories for officers and gentlemen. It is the rarer small size, just 10 inches overall length, 6 inch blade. Nickel silver fittings and hardwood scales. Knife has been well used and cleaned in its lifetime, condition as shown in the pictures. The blade is marked HOLTZAPFFEL & CO LONDON, sheath belt loop is marked HOLTZAPFFEL & CO 53 HAYMARKET LONDON. I think the former owners name was engraved on the pommel but I can't make it out now. A very rare knife by a high quality maker. SOLD

K230 Antique Sauerland & Hatch knifeNickel silver crossguard, horn scales with two mother of pearl circles inlaid on one side. Few knicks and dings to scales and guard, blade looks to be full length when compared to its original pasteboard sheath. It has an approximately 6.5" double edged blade and is 11.25" overall length. Sauerland & Hatch were a Birmingham based merchants, this knife was probably Sheffield made and retailed by them. Sauerland & Hatch succeeded a firm called Vives, Levison and Co. that went out of business in 1860 they then traded until going out of business themselves in 1877. SOLD

K229 Thornhill fixed blade knife
A small fixed blade knife, 3" blade marked Thornhill London. Chequered horn scales. Original scissors contained in handle. 6 Inches overall length. No Sheath. Probably the smallest fixed blade Thornhill produced. Very good overall condition. SOLD

K231 Savigny & Co. boar spear head
10 inches long. Similiar to the below example this was retailed by British cutlers SAVIGNY & CO. 67 ST.JAMES ST. LONDON. and would have been bought before heading overseas. Some pitting but overall good. SOLD

K228 A scarce 19th Century boar spear head.
10 inches long plus remains of wooden shaft, marked ARNACHELLUM SALEM, a well known Indian maker that also produced high quality side knives for British officers. It comes with a nicely made oversized leather sheath to protect the tip when in transit. Whilst such items were available in England from firms such as Wilkinson and Holtzapffel they were often purchased abroad. In his 1887 book, Shikar sketches; with notes on Indian field-sports, James Moray Brown discusses equipment required for an expedition and states that "Hog-spears are best obtained in India. Arnachellum of Salem is the best maker." An interesting and uncommon piece of hunting history. SOLD

K227 Swedish sheath knife.
4.5" Blade, 8.75" OAL. Blade is lightly stamped, top word ends is sson and Eskiltuna is below. Metal sheath is marked J.A.Hellberg Eskiltuna Sweden. Knife is in above average condition with blade retaining most of its original polish, top edge is unsharpened. Interior leather of sheath is deteriorating slightly. A nice example. SOLD

K226 Kukri
in original scabbard with its two bi knives. Although possibly a tourist example it is certainly better quality than normally encountered and bears a "sun" makers mark. The steel fittings would suggest pre WW1. Scabbard is splitting slightly. 85

K224 Custom made upswept skinner
made by Harry George, numbered with original leather sheath. A few marks but in good condition overall, appears unused. SOLD
K223 Puma Waidblatt knife 3588
in original wooden box, the control number is 56477 which dates it to 1974. 8.5" blade, OAL 13". Good overall condition and a great quality knife. SOLD